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I"ve to buy Fallout-3 second hand last year and for time reason, I"ve just played part of the tutorial in ~ the beginning.

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How many hours carry out I need to enjoy and also finish Fallout-3?


I've put 80 hrs into the game.thats consisting of storyline,side missions,finding all the bobbleheads etc...I likewise bought purchase 1 development pack and have put second 15 hours in the game.
It yes, really does count on you. Ns know human being who have actually clocked 400+ hrs on the game and loved every minute of it. I additionally know from very first hand suffer that it deserve to be completed (main storyline, no DLC) in a job if girlfriend know precisely where you room going and what you are doing.


It does depend on what you want to do. If you continue to be focussed on adhering to the main storylines, you have the right to easily finish the game an extremely quickly. If you want to include major side-quests, as well as all achievements, I"d say about 50 hours.

You can probably carry that time down considerably if you usage a overview to just go to locations where there"s a quest. The trick is to remain focussed and not get tempted to wander (although I"m sure countless would argue that the expedition is the best facet of the game).

I practically got fed up through the lot of time this game was acquisition to complete, however I"m glad I lastly finished it (although the finishing stinks -- gain Broken Steel to have actually a far better ending).

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It all depends on how quick you room doing the main storyline.. If you dont have any kind of of the DLC"s, it deserve to take much less than a day. If you have actually DLC"s, then it only means more playtime and much more fun.

If you room going to start at autumn 3 now, enjoy! :)


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