Back as soon as I went v that horrible pest that observed me shed my camp in the game, I also became want in autumn 76.

So, i was finally challenged with a problem that I had actually never had: how to eliminate my wanted level in autumn 76?

Now, I’m no the kind of player who’s the much into PvP in autumn 76 and it was, of course, a mistake: I acquired a 10 cap bounty on mine head for reportedly damaging another hero’s base.

It every happened due to a an insect of kinds (or so ns believe): there was a mutant hound attacking the base and all i did was try to help.

I pulled my shotgun and started shooting, however apparently mine aim was crap since I finished up damaging the residential or commercial property as well.

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I instantly gained a wanted level and 10 hat on mine head. Miscellaneous that i really feeling ashamed of. For this reason I want to remove my want level as fast as possible.

Apparently though the is not possible in the game without you dice – back some claim otherwise.

You will be hunted once you’re Wanted.

Because you can’t remove your wanted condition in fallout 76!

I’ve heard some players claiming that they lost their Wanted status in the video game after a little bit over 60 minute of no doing anything bad (it was a 10 cap bounty like mine), however in my case that didn’t happen.

Now, ns am no 100% sure that 1 hour passed because my want level appeared, however I think it did and nothing changed in regards to mine status.

I also tried to log turn off the sever and also log earlier in, battered the game and also restart it – naught matters. Your wanted level remains there and also follows you come eternity.

And that’s a poor thing, particularly if you are a relaxed player favor I am. I choose to interact with others, yet when you room Wanted, you space no longer presented the position of other players on the map (since otherwise you might notification who’s coming to hunt friend down).

And if you are a higher level player through a low bounty – again, choose I was, nobody’s walking to risk attacking you.

And since you will certainly only shed your wanted level if girlfriend die… that way that you must start doing much more evil stuff. Boost your want level to boost the rewards others obtain when killing you… and start over fresh and be much more careful.

And have in mind that when you room wanted and also killed by one more player (or whenever you dice in the game, actually) friend will lose all the junk you space carrying.

If you want to prevent your personality from coincidentally damaging home or shooting other players – favor it occurred in my situation – you have to activate the Pacifist mode in autumn 76 indigenous the settings.

This will not permit you attack other football player (although lock can strike you if they want).

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This type of sucks, in the end… but because most civilization won’t acquire a wanted level by mistake favor I did and also most gain it from being the outlaws and attacking other players, it could be a good thing to have a long-term marker that teaches friend a lesson.

What do you think though? should you be able to lose your wanted level, maybe as soon as the ransom’s low – an interpretation that you space not that evil, in the end? Or is a permanent Wanted level a much better option?
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