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When us revisit the gold State Warriors‘ glory days, i m sorry player involves mind? It needs to be none other than Stephen Curry. The warrior drafted the six-time NBA-All star and also two-time NBA MVP in 2009. The led the warriors in winning their first championship title due to the fact that 1975. Although the warrior may have actually lost your mojo a bit, Curry continues to it is in the heart and also soul of that team.

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Curry has actually played an integral function in bringing the Warriors’ success back and highlighting them as one of the greatest teams in NBA history. Yet how plenty of rings walk Curry have under his belt? Let’s have actually a look!

2014-15 Season

The warrior had entered the playoffs v a bang. Holding the No.1 particle in the west Conference and sweeping the brand-new Orleans Pelicans v Curry in round 1 averaging 30 clues in the series. Although ring 2 came out to be a tougher challenge, they quiet made their way into the Conference Finals versus the Rockets.

With no real threat as soon as again, Curry and co. Beat the Rockets within 5 games and ascending come the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The best player at the time, LeBron James led the Cavs, however they to be nothing in prior of Curry’s fiery performances. Curry average 26 points every game, shooting 44.3% from the field, 38.5% indigenous the three-point range, and 88.5% from the free-throw line.

He even landed his an initial NBA MVP award and thus started their undefeated operation for championship titles.


2016-17 Season

Once again, the warrior rolled right into the playoffs hold the finest record. However, a many had changed since their last location in 2015. Kevin Durant joined the Warriors, and they finished up sweeping every game, even the Conference Finals. Nobody was standing a chance against their optimal scorers Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and their recent addition, Durant.

As fate would have actually it, the warriors went up against the Cavaliers in the Finals for the third consecutive year. This ignited a rivalry that finished with the Warriors taking the trophy house with a chuck 4-1 lead in the series. Curry average 26.8 points and also established himself together of the finest three-point shooter in the NBA.

2017-18 Season

This season was no as lot of a cakewalk as the ahead ones. Your magic seemed to have been wearing off, and also even Curry’s power was a small disappointing indigenous what is expected. He just played 51 games, but still average 27.5 points.

After a quick struggle, the Warriors traction themselves come the NBA Finals again versus their rivals. They finished up through a clean 4-0 sweep against the Cavaliers, to win their second straight final.

The warriors made their way to the finals in the adhering to season. However, the Toronto Raptors showed to it is in a much much better team. Curry was already out due to the fact that October due to the fact that of injuries, and with Durant and also Thompson benched as well in the Finals, the warrior stood no chance.


Say everything you want, Curry is the one player who deserve to proudly speak he has actually won 3 titles v only just nine periods in the NBA. There space some that only have actually one in their name.

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The superstar is probably resting in his mansion in Atherton, California. With the brand-new season acquiring closer, Curry’s clutch play and also championship mentality have the right to still make background repeat itself. What perform you think?

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