The loss 2022 admission Application is currently available. The spring 2022 join Application is available.

Let united state be the an initial to say, congratulations and welcome come! You are one action closer to start a one-of-a-kind college experience and we look forward to conference you on our campuses. To finalize your join process, please evaluation the timelines below.

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We are right here to support you as you think about your college options. Many of ours colleges have chose to expand the deposit attributed to provide you and also your family flexibility to do the ideal decision about your future.

College NameCommitment Deposit Date
Baruch CollegeMay 1st
Borough of Manhattan neighborhood CollegeMay 7th
Bronx community CollegeMay 1st
Brooklyn CollegeMay 1st
City CollegeMay 1st
College the Staten IslandMay 1st
Guttman neighborhood CollegeJune 15th
Hostos neighborhood CollegeMay 3rd
Hunter CollegeMay 1st
John Jay university of Criminal JusticeMay 1st
Kingsborough neighborhood CollegeMay 7th
LaGuardia neighborhood CollegeJune 1st
Lehman CollegeMay 1st
Macaulay Honors CollegeMay 1st
Medgar Evers CollegeJune 1st
New York City university of TechnologyMay 3rd
Queens CollegeJune 1st
Queensborough neighborhood CollegeN/A
School for Labor and also Urban StudiesN/A
School of professional StudiesN/A
York CollegeMay 1st

* Colleges indicating rojo admission space flexible around when commitment is received.

Admission Decisions

Our colleges start connecting Fall join decisions in March. Spring admission decisions begin in October.

Review her Financial help PackageTo recognize the expense of attending college, be certain to carefully review each financial assist package you receive. If you have not yet received your package, usage our net Price Calculator to calculation college costs and also contact the university you plan to attend directly.

Apply for Veteran Work-Study (if applicable)If you are a veteran, you might qualify because that the VA work-study program. Visit the United claims Department that Veteran to work for much more information.

Explore our CollegesSet beside time to explore the colleges come which you have actually been accepted. Speaking with present students and faculty is a an excellent way to get an idea that which university is best for you.

Commitment Deposit

Submit meeting Tuition Deposit

All welcomed students are required to send a non-refundable $100 appointment Tuition Deposit which will be used to your very first semester that tuition charges. The commitment Tuition Deposit allows you to confirm enrollment at a college to i m sorry you have actually been available admission. Students may have the commitment Tuition Deposit waived by perfect the cost-free Application for commonwealth Student help (FAFSA) v an Expected family Contribution (EFC) the $3,000 or less. Veterans are also exempt from paying the meeting deposit.

For the loss semester, watch the meeting deposit dates listed above to recognize when you’ll need accept her offer.

For the spring semester, the deposit must be received/postmarked by December 15. If you space admitted after December 15, the deposit is early out 10 work after the date you received your admission notification.

Additional measures

Submit final Transcripts (Freshman Only) NYC DOE High SchoolsWe will receive an digital version that your final transcript with date of graduation. Perform NOT send a last transcript. However, you may be asked to submit a copy of her High college diploma to the college.

All various other High SchoolsPlease send your final high college transcript indicating your graduation day and kind of diploma received. In addition, be advised that part colleges may require friend to carry out a copy of your high college diploma directly to the college.

The final transcript must include your naipublishers.comfirst identifier number. You can find your naipublishers.comfirst identifier number (an 8 digit number) on your Application Summary.

Please send last transcripts to the following address: student in the first year AdmissionP.O. Box 350136Brooklyn, NY 11235-0001

Transfer Credits (Transfer Applicants Only)Upon admission, colleges may additionally request to see course descriptions that suggest the individual food title, product covered, text books used and any various other information around the course to determine the number of transfer credits awarded. students deserve to see just how their courses will certainly transfer between colleges utilizing the move Explorer.

Sign Up because that Orientation, scholastic Advisement and also RegistrationSign up because that orientation as at an early stage as feasible to ensure the you have the most options for her course selections. Look for parent/family programs and also get ready to meet brand-new people!

Register for academic advising to fulfill your academic advisor that will help you in selecting and registering classes.

Submit Immunization InformationSubmit her immunization documents and proof of wellness insurance. For more information, visit the Immunization records FAQs page.

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Determine Residence (On-Campus vs. Off-Campus)Housing is restricted at, so be certain to apply as early on as feasible if you arrangement to live on campus. If girlfriend are using for off-campus housing, be mindful of contract alternatives and deadlines.