If you are structure or upgrading a computer, recovering data native an old tough drive, or connecting an external solid-state drive to your PC, you may need a SATA cable to complete the job. SATA cables are offered to attach storage gadgets to your computer"s motherboard ("mobo") or SATA controller. Part motherboards come v a pair of SATA cables however not always.

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SATA (also referred to as Serial ATA) stands for Serial Advanced technology Attachment, an industry-standard bus user interface for connecting a computer"s host bus adapter come storage devices such as tough disk drives (HDD), optical drives and solid-state drives (SSD).


Serial ATA (SATA) Cable


eSATA Cable

SATA cables are commonly used inside a computer"s case. ESATA cables connect external devices outside of the computer case and also support data transfer however not power (the assumption being the external tools have their own power supply). ESATAp (Power over eSATA) is a combination of eSATA and USB. One eSATAp port accepts one eSATA or USB connector and provides both data transfer and power.

SATA Connectors

Standard, wafer-style SATA connectors come in male and female formats and are available in 3 varieties: data only, power only and also data to add power. Wafer-style connectors have pins i ordered it in a solitary row, do them more comprehensive but qualified of mating with small devices prefer SSDs.

SATA Data ConnectorsA SATA data connector has actually 7 horizontal pins, 4 pins arranged in two pairs for data and 3 soil pins. One finish (the finish that connects to a warehouse device) might be angled to conserve space.


7-Pin SATA Data Connector


7-Pin eSATA Data Connector

A small type factor version of the SATA data connector, well-known as mini-SATA or mSATA connector is designed because that use through smaller, power-constrained devices such together laptops and also tablets.

SATA strength ConnectorsThe SATA strength connector has actually 15 pins and also supplies +3.3V DC, +5V DC and also +12V DC. SATA power cables are regularly paired with a 4-pin Molex LP4 connector, which connects to a computer"s strength supply.



15-Pin SATA strength Connector

Less common SATA strength connectors are the 6-pin, +5 VDC "Slimline" connector an initial introduced in SATA relax 2.6, and the 9-pin, +3.3 VDC and +5 VDC micro connector because that 1.8-inch (46 mm) tough disk drives.


SATA 22-Pin Data/Power come 7-Pin SATA and also 4-Pin Molex


SATA 15-pin power connector to 4-pin Molex LP4 connector

SATA Cables

A twinaxial ("twinax") SATA data cable is generally flat through its 4 copper conductors i ordered it side-by-side in pairs through a gap in between. SATA supplies differential signaling to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) or crosstalk (interference native the other conductors in the cable). Differential signaling additionally requires a reduced voltage, i m sorry reduces power consumption.

SATA cables can be approximately a meter (3.3 feet) in length yet attenuation (signal loss) deserve to be lessened by making use of the shortest feasible cable for internal and external connections. ESATA cables deserve to be as much as 2 meter (6.6 feet) in length and support multiple devices on a single port/cable.

Data carry SpeedsSince its advent in 2003, the SATA interface has actually undergone three significant revisions. The main difference in between versions is data transfer speed.

StandardBandwidth*Data move Speed
SATA I1.5 Gb/sec150 MB/sec
SATA II3 Gb/sec300 MB/sec
SATA III6 Gb/sec600 MB/sec

* keep in mind that a gigabit (Gb) is not the exact same as a gigabyte (GB). 1 GB = 8 Gb.

SATA III is behind compatible with previously standards therefore SATA II rated tools will role but at a reduced speed. Because that example, a solid-state drive associated to SATA III (6 Gbps) port can read at speeds up to 550 Mbps. When the very same drive is associated to SATA II (3 Gbps) port, read operations will be minimal to 285 Mbps.

SATA Cable Features

Hot SwappingThe ability to plug or unplug a an equipment without powering down the computer is known as hot-swapping. SATA connectors and also devices rental a two-step mating procedure to avoid arcing and power drops the might affect other loads. The 4 and also 12 soil pins top top a SATA strength connector are longer so they do contact an initial when mated. Similarly, SATA devices have longer 3, 7 and 13 strength pins for the same reason. Hot-swapping is a feature of the SATA controller.

Latching ConnectorsTo ensure a solid connection and also to stop accidental disconnections, SATA cables will common feature latching connectors.

Angled ConnectorsSpace inside a computer instance is often tight therefore angled connectors are vital consideration when choosing a cable. As soon as installing a HDD or SSD horizontally, a left-angled connector feeds the cable up and along the height of the drive. A right-angled connector feeds the cable down. The edge of the connector is likewise important as soon as drives are set up vertically and side-by-side.


My computer system does not have actually an eSATA port on the ago of the case. How have the right to I affix my external hard drive?PCs perform not typically come through an eSATA port however you can easily add one for around $7 USD using Tripp Lite model Number P952-002. You would certainly then attach your external device to the eSATA port using a eSATA cable (Model Number P950-02M).


Why does a SATA power connector have actually so numerous pins?The 15-pin SATA strength connector changed the 4-pin Molex connector. Why the much higher pin count?

Support for three voltages (3.3V, 5V and also 12V).Avoids confusion with the 7-pin SATA data connector.Additional ground pins to support machine hot-swapping.Advanced features such together delayed spin-up for mechanical drives.

What does M.2 SATA mean?The M.2 connector user interface (also recognized as NGFF) is designed for internally placed expansion cards such together a hard State drive (SDD). It support the SATA III, USB 3.0 and also PCIe (NVMe) bus interfaces. M.2 can also be used by outside enclosures like the U457-1M2-SATAG2 to affix SSDs.

Related SATA Products

SATA come eSATA Transitions CableThese 7-pin come 7-pin transition cables, like the P952-18i, affix external tools with an eSATA port to an inner SATA controller. You can also include an eSATA harbor to your desktop computer PC utilizing P952-002.

SATA come USB Adapter CablesMost modern laptops and also PCs have actually USB port for outside devices. These adapter cables permit you attach a SATA HDD or SDD come a USB-A or USB-C port and also are appropriate for recovering data native an old computer or drive.


USB come SATA or principle (PATA) data user interface with exterior AC strength adapter


Bus-powered USB-C come SATA data + strength interface

HDD and SSD EnclosuresThese enclosures let you easily add storage to a laptop or computer using a USB-A, USB-B, USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port.

SATA difficult Drive RAID EnclosuresRAID create a virtual disk native multiple physical disk. It is offered to improve performance through concurrently analysis or composing to multiple disks or to carry out data redundancy by writing data to two or much more drives. RAID enclosures because that SATA drives favor the U457-2M2-SATAG2, configured because that RAID Level 0, review data as much as 70% faster and write as much as 40% faster than a solitary drive.

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