the book doesn't list recognized spells for paladins, clerics, and druids. Indigenous what I've been able to find out despite forum diving, the paladin at least can prepare literally any type of spells that a level castle can actors (like acquiring 1 an initial level spell every day they can prepare 1 of any type of of the very first level paladin spells) is it the exact same for clerics and druids too? I'm DMing a homebrew campaign for all brand-new players and I've never played any type of of those classes. (I usually play sorserers)


If they do not have actually a known Spells table they deserve to prepare any spell obtainable to them of the suitable spell level.

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thanks! I've to be looking v the book and also it dose kinda speak that, because that Paladins anyway. I guess I simply have negative reading comprehension.

Prepared divine spellcasters deserve to prepare any kind of spell on their spell list; I'd recommend magnificent Spells because that some an ext details. Ready arcane spellcasters and also alchemical classes need a spellbook, formulae book, familiar, or something comparable that restricts what portion of your spell perform they have accessibility to once preparing spells, yet divine casters generally do not operate under such restrictions, barring details alignment-based spells, usually.

Spontaneous Casters: They execute not have actually to decided what spells come prepare in ~ the start of the day. However, lock have restricted spells lock know.

Spellbook Casters (Wizards, Alchemists, Investigators, and also others that need to tote a spellbook): they prepare utilizing Vancian Magic. If you desire to actors Fireball twice, you have to prepare it twice.

Divine Casters: very same as above except rather of toting around a heavy book that is questioning for a GM come steal or ruin it, her god walk the heavy lifting on how to actors it, you simply use Vancian Magic come tell him/her/it what you desire to do. Some magnificent Casters can turn spells right into healing or summoning spells that the very same level.

By the rules they space able come prepare any kind of level ideal divine spell.

However, if your magnificent caster walks into a home game with a binder that every detailed spell I might limit your spells known. If that magnificent caster do the efforts to perform it by progressively looking up everything on their phone I certainly would.

Generally once I play mine Druid I have actually spell cards published (using Perram’s Spellcards). I then pick from those spells. I’m right now working top top a slightly larger list using a hyperlinked word document.

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Since this is the PFS any kind of divine caster has access to any published and also PFS authorized spell the they own a source book of.