Harry Connick Jr. Net Worth: Harry Connick, Jr. Is one American singer, pianist, composer, conductor, actor, and also "American Idol" judge who has a network worth the $55 million dollars. The Recording market Association that America has ranked Connick Jr. Among America"s top 60 best-selling masculine artists, and his albums have actually sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. With 13 #1 jazz albums in the U.S., Harry stop the difference of having the most #1 albums of any artist ~ above the U.S. Jazz charts. Connick Jr. Has also appeared in several films and also television shows, judged aspiring stars ~ above "American Idol" (2014-2016), and also hosted a syndicated talk display (2016-2018).

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Early Life: Harry Connick Jr. To be born Joseph bother Fowler Connick Jr. On September 11, 1967, in new Orleans, Louisiana. His mother, Anita, to be a judge and also lawyer, and his father, Joseph, to be a district attorney. Harry"s parents owned a record store, and also he to be interested in music from an early age, finding out to play the keyboard at simply 3 year old. Connick Jr. Started playing in windy at age 5, and recorded with a jazz band as soon as he was 10. In ~ the period of 9, the performed v the new Orleans Symphony Orchestra and duetted with Eubie Blake ~ above "I"m simply Wild about Harry" in ~ the royal Orleans Esplanade Lounge. Sadly, Harry and his sister, Suzanna, lost their mom to ovarian cancer in 1981, once Harry was 13 year old.

Harry learned under James Booker and also Ellis Marsalis Jr. At the brand-new Orleans center for an imaginative Arts, and also he additionally attended Lakeview School, Isidore Newman School, and also Jesuit High School. After ~ graduation, he summary attended Loyola University prior to moving to new York come enroll in ~ Hunter College and also the Manhattan institution of Music. Dr. George Butler, an executive at Columbia Records, to be impressed v Connick Jr. And also signed him to the label, release the album "Harry Connick Jr." in 1987.

Career: In 1989, Connick Jr. Noted the music because that the "When bother Met Sally…" soundtrack, which walk double-platinum and also earned that his very first Grammy. The following year, he made his exhilaration debut in "Memphis Belle" and also released the albums "We are in Love" and "Lofty"s Roach Souffle." throughout the at an early stage 1990s, he showed up in "Little man Tate," guest-starred on "Cheers," and released the albums "Blue Light, Red Light," "25," "When My love Finds Christmas," and also "She." Harry played a serial killer in 1995"s "Copycat," then showed up in blockbuster science-fiction movie "Independence Day" (1996), i m sorry grossed $817.4 million at package office. The earned a nomination native the Blockbuster entertainment Awards because that his performance in 1998"s "Hope Floats" and also played the lead role in 1999"s "Wayward Son."

In 2001, Connick Jr. Starred in an alphabet network manufacturing of "South Pacific," and the adhering to year, the earned a Tony compensation nomination for composing the score for the music "Thou Shalt Not." He had a recurring role as elegant Adler"s eventual husband top top "Will & Grace" indigenous 2002 to 2006, and in 2005, NBC aired "The Happy Elf," an man Christmas special based upon one that Harry"s songs; he offered as the special"s producer, narrator, and composer. In 2006, Connick Jr. Starred in "The Pajama Game" on Broadway, earning another Tony nomination, and the adhering to year, he showed up in the movie "P.S. Ns Love You." In 2011, he play a marine biologist in "Dolphin Tale" and also returned to the Broadway stage, starring in "On a clear Day You have the right to See Forever." In 2014, Harry ended up being a referee on "American Idol" and also stayed till the end of the show"s original run ~ above Fox in 2016. After "American Idol" ended, he started hosting his own daytime talk show, "Harry," which ran for 299 episodes and earned 5 Daytime Emmy compensation nominations. Connick Jr. Has actually released 26 studio albums, including 3 vacation albums and also 6 important albums; his most commercially effective album is 1993"s "When My heart Finds Christmas," which went triple-platinum.


Harry Connick, Jr.

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Net Worth:$55 Million
Date the Birth:Sep 11, 1967 (54 years old)
Height:6 ft (1.854 m)
Profession:Songwriter, Singer, Actor, Composer, Musician, Music Arranger, Conductor, Lyricist, film Producer, Pianist
Nationality:United claims of America

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