Does anyone rather think you should be able to see the game clock on prefer the map display or perhaps the leaderboard?I noticed it seems to simply pop up periodically. And also if you"re concentrating on miscellaneous else, you might miss when it does.Or also if it was just permanently on display where that is. It doesn"t seem favor it"s too intrusive this way.  Just sometimes when I"m playing it bugs me - wondering need to I store trying come escape or operation out the clock? If just I knew how much time was left.

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No. That"s part of the strategy. You have to gamble on just how much time is left. It"s completely intentional.



No. That"s component of the strategy. You need to gamble on exactly how much time is left. It"s entirely intentional.


If you really want to, you could set a timer on call or other time keeping device if you really desire to know how much time is left. Ns agree that no seeing the in game adds come the "fear" factor.

I wouldn"t mind seeing some sort of clock in probably the significant Lodge or something which starts in ~ 12:00 and ticks through to 12:20.

Or some such.

That way there"s a method to check, but it"s likewise endangering yourself if you desire to.

What do you i dont agree with, typical sense? space you do the efforts to imply that the was supposed to it is in visible and they screwed up and left the out? 

I love how people sign up because that the naipublishers.coms come come complain about silly things they plainly don"t understand.

This is the best thread because the "Tired of obtaining stunlocked" thread.

I love how human being sign up for the naipublishers.coms to come complain around silly points they clearly don"t understand.

This is the best thread due to the fact that the "Tired of gaining stunlocked" thread.

Wow. Okay.It was just an opinion.I"m no complaining or condemning the game or other players because of just how they feel around it - seriously, just my personal opinion.I know the mechanic just fine. Thanks for insinuating otherwise though. 


If you really wanted to, you could collection a timer on call or other time keeping device if girlfriend really desire to know just how much time is left. I agree that no seeing the in video game adds to the "fear" factor.

Instead of having actually a clock filling the edge of the screen, I"d fairly them do a dynamic night/day system where the sun starts to slightly increase over the horizon in the last 3-4 minutes so you recognize you"re acquiring closer come the finish of the timer. It"s kinda goofy the the game just ends in the center of the night, favor as if Jason has some curfew to accomplish or something. It would fit the themes of the films too since almost every among them ends through the last girl leaving the campsite the following morning.

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That would certainly be a much better way to manage it. Possibly balance it so it becomes harder come hide then much more light the becomes? Thematically it provides sense, if you victory by time, you survived the night.