just how Old T’Challa Was when The Ravagers took Him from Wakanda In the timeline that Marvel"s What If... Episode 2, T"Challa was absent from Wakanda for most of his life. Exactly how old was he as soon as he was abducted?

How Old was Tchalla once the Ravagers took him
WARNING: spoilers for What If...? illustration 2, "What if...T"Challa ended up being a Star-Lord?"

How old was T"Challa when he to be abducted through Yondu in the timeline of Marvel’s What if…? The 2nd episode the the animated Disney+ series took a dive right into an alternating timeline whereby T’Challa, no Peter Quill, was taken from earth by the Ravagers and also made right into a an are adventurer.

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Much like the show’s first episode and the comic book collection Marvel’s What If…? is based on, the Watcher’s tale of T’Challa’s experiences in space amounted come several developed MCU personalities being set on various paths 보다 what happened to castle in the key MCU timeline. Episode 2 reflect just exactly how much potential T"Challa had actually to influence the world by showing characters like Yondu, Thanos, Nebula, Drax the Destroyer, and also Korath the Pursuer in functions that differed considerably from how they were supplied in the movies. For the many part, points actually functioned out much better for them in illustration 2’s timeline, v one instance being Thanos recognize a peaceful means to gain what the wanted rather than resorting come genocide. True to the heart of the ide behind the series, all of these transforms were set in motion by one readjusted event in What If...? illustration 2: Yondu"s Ravagers accidentally kidnapping T’Challa from planet instead the Peter Quill.

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Similar come Peter Quill, T’Challa was simply a child once he was made a member the the Ravagers, but the episode doesn’t say clearly how old that was as soon as his MCU destiny to be altered. But by looking in ~ the background of events and the timeline created by Black Panther and Guardians that the Galaxy, it"s feasible to job-related out that he must have been about eight year old at the moment he was taken by the Ravagers. This would certainly be regular with his appearance and what’s known around his period in the MCU.

despite Black Panther gibbs Chadwick Boseman being in his beforehand 40s, it’s most likely that the character himself was actually in his so late 30s throughout his last 2 MCU outings, which were Avengers: Infinity War and also Avengers: Endgame. While it"s same to wonder if the King of Wakanda was even younger than that, gift in his so late 30s makes sense given that he to be old enough to have memories of Killmonger’s father prior to his fatality in 1992. Throwing part real-life science right into his story, researchers have determined that kids" memory become around as an excellent as they room as adults approximately age 6 or 7 , therefore assuming T"Challa to be at least that old in 1992 (and likely a little older), with Infinity War ensuing in 2018, that would certainly make him 33 year old in ~ the youngest in the movie.

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As proclaimed by the writers of the show, the variation of T’Challa featured in Marvel’s What If…? illustration 2 gift able to live his life together a Ravager hinged ~ above his character gift approximately the same age as Star-Lord. Peter Quill was born in 1980, eight years before his mummy death and meeting Yondu for the an initial time, so that stands to factor that T’Challa was about the very same age. This lines increase with T"Challa"s main MCU timeline, as well, provide or take it a grasp of years on either side. However while their ages line up perfectly, that’s whereby their similarity end. How T’Challa endeavored to be the galaxy’s an extremely own Robin Hood and how he affected so many an effective characters are indicative of how unique his Star-Lord is compared to Peter Quill’s in the main MCU timeline.


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