Olivia Culpo is an American Pageant Contestant. Olivia Culpo is a model as well as an actress that won both miss USA 2012 and also Miss cosmos 2012. She even won miss out on Rhode Island in the year 2012. Likewise, she appears on the E! collection Model Squad.

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Table that Biography

Birth Facts and Education

Olivia Culpo was born in Cranston, Rhode Island, USA, on May 8, 1992. She is 28 years old and is under the astrological sign, Taurus. She stop American nationality. Her full name is Olivia Frances Culpo. Likewise, she is the Italian ethnicity and likewise has ireland roots from she mother.

Her father’s surname is Peter Culpo and her mother’s name is Susan Culpo. Her father is a restaurateur. He is likewise a co-owner of number of Boston businesses, consisting of the “Parish Café” and “The lower Depths insanity Room”. And, Susan her mommy is Irish and has play viola in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He has 4 siblings and also their names room Pete, Aurora, Gus, and Sophie. She together with her siblings were raised in the Edgewood ar of Cranston.

Regarding his education background and also qualification, she attended St. Mar Academy – bay View. Later on on, she enrolled in ~ Boston University but didn’t graduate. Then, she started studying the cello in second grade. Culpo has actually an interest in music and also that was affected by her parents, that were musicians together well.

She has played in the Rhode Island Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and also the Rhode Island Philharmonic room Ensemble. She also played in the Bay view Orchestra and the Rhode Island All-State Orchestra. Likewise, she attended the Brevard Music facility in Brevard, north Carolina for 2 summers. Culpo additionally performed v the Boston Accompanietta.


Caption: Olivia Culpo and her sisters (Source: Instagram)

Career and Professional Life

Olivia Culpo’s modeling career started in the year 2010. It was the time when she signed a contract through the Boston-based modeling firm ‘Maggie, Inc.’. She won the 2012 ‘Miss Rhode Island USA’ competition which to be the an initial beauty pageant she had participated in. She also won the ‘Miss USA’ location on June 3, 2012. Then, he was qualified to represent the united state at the ‘Miss Universe’ pageant. Likewise, Allan Fung, the Cranston mayor, honored her with a “key” to the city. He honored she in a homecoming celebration in honor of her ‘Miss USA’ pageant win on July 6, 2012.

Leila Lopes that was the previous year’s titleholder crowned she “Miss world 2012” in December 2012, in las Vegas. Moreover, she is the eighth ‘Miss USA’ and the an initial Rhode Islander to win the title. In January that the year 2013, she went to Indonesia. And, she travel to Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali, and Jakarta as part of she tour. She additionally hosted a conference to deal with young Indonesians on the prevention of HIV. The ‘United Nations populace Fund’ organized this conference. And, she was accompanied on stage by Whulandary Herman, the “Puteri Indonesia 2013”.

She is a spokesperson because that efforts against breast and ovarian cancer. She functions in cooperation with establishments such as the ‘Susan G. Komen for the Cure’ i beg your pardon is the biggest breast cancer organization in the states. And, in the very same year, she additionally walked the runway for designer Sherri Hill at the ‘Trump Tower’. The runaway to be in new York City. After that, her location was India. She go a photograph shoot in ~ the Taj Mahal yet the shooting dragged her into a significant controversy.

More around Career

She made her film debut with the 2014 comedy “The various other Woman”. She was likewise featured in the music videos ‘Jealous’ by Nick Jonas and ‘Amor’ by Emin Agalarov. She next appeared as “Gretchen” in the 2017 superordinary musical thriller film “American Satan”. Likewise, she do a guest illustration on the reality show ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ in the year 2018. In the exact same year, she additionally appeared in the ‘E!’ documentary collection ‘Model Squad’.

Moreover, she appeared as “Hope” in the comedy “I feeling Pretty” and as ‘Christina’ in the action–thriller ‘Reprisal’. She was likewise seen together ‘Kate’ in ‘Tired Lungs”. She to be featured in the 2018 and 2019 execution of the “Sports depicted Swimsuit Issue”. She has functioned in campaigns for brands such together ‘L’Oréal’ and ‘Kipling’. Likewise, she ventured right into entrepreneurship in the year 2017. She teamed up in addition to her father to start ‘Back 40’. The is a country-style, all-American cooking restaurant in her house state the Rhode Island.

Furthermore, the name ‘Back 40’ represents the restaurant’s location. The is an legacy behind a farm yard in phibìc Kingstown, southern of Providence, and also near Cranston. She and her father space silent financiers the ‘Back 40. And, the venture is primarily run by her cousin Joshua Culpo and also a companion whose name is Justin Dalton-Ameen. She unveiled her garments line, which she had actually designed in collaboration with “Marled by rejoined Clothing” in the year 2018.


Caption: Olivia Culpo’s movie’s poster (Source: Instagram)


Olivia Culpo became part of the conflict soon after gift the “Miss Universe”. Many human being questioned she victory. And also a lot of them asserted it was pre-decided by the then-pageant owner, Donald Trump. As result of this controversy, she i was withdrawn from evaluate the 2015 ‘Miss USA’ pageant.

Likewise, in the year 2013, the ‘Archaeological survey of India’ (ASI) filed a complaint against her. They additionally filed a complaint versus the ‘Miss Universe’ officials because that violating India’s “Heritage Act”. She had reportedly done a advancement photoshoot in former of the Taj Mahal. But, India’s “Supreme Court” strict bans any kind of commercial or advertising task on Taj’s premises. Later on, the ‘Miss Universe’ committee, on behalf of her, apologized come the body. And also said that the action was no intentional.

Furthermore, the renowned ‘Instagram’ account ‘Diet Prada’ trolled she for promoting a dress under she fashion line. Apparently, the dress was a rip-off of an outfit from another brand. The interesting fact is that she had actually worn the exact same outfit at an occasion in Ibiza in the year 2018.

Relationship Status

Olivia Culpo has dated musician Nick Jonas. They were in a partnership from the year 2013 to 2015. There to be a rumor the she remained in a romantic relationship with athlete Tim Tebow until November 2015. Likewise, she was also in a relationship with 11-time ‘Olympic’ medalist Ryan Lochte together well. Her most publicized affair has been with footballer Danny Amendola. They began dating in the year 2016 and broke up in the year 2019. They were in an on-again-off-again relationship. After their break-up, Danny Amendola made an ‘Instagram’ post, slamming she “fishbowl lifestyle”. He also stated that their relationship was one attention-seeking activity just to get in Hollywood.

Furthermore, during the summer of 2019, she started dating one more football player, Christian McCaffrey. They space still together and also seem come be really happy v each other. Also, Olivia has shared a many of images with her friend on her social accounts.


Caption: Olivia Culpo together with her boyfriend, Christian McCaffrey (Source: Instagram)

Body Measurements

Social Media and Net Worth

Olivia Culpo is pretty active on all of her social accounts. She own an Instagram account under the surname “oliviaculpo” and also has common 4046 short articles until now on her Instagram page. And, she has actually 4.7 million followers on it. Likewise, Olivia is energetic on Twitter as well and also has 227.7K pendant on it till now. She likewise owns a Youtube and also a facebook account and also has 79.3K and also 2.1 million followers respectively.

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According to dreshare, she has actually a net worth of $500K. And also Culpo’s main income source her job of being a model, actress, and winning pageant contestant.