This trophy is unlocked for beating the optional ceo in the game, Lingering Will. Lingering will can very first be dealt with once every civilization in the video game has to be cleared (100 Acre Woods included) and also the final boss has been defeated. Go to the room of the Cornerstone and there will be a huge portal on the wall behind it (Chip and also Dale will contact you in the Gummi Ship when it very first becomes available). Going through this portal worries an intense cutscene and also the boss fight.Before fighting the Lingering Will, for sure you have actually most if not every one of the following:

Sora at least at Level 80 (Level 99 is heavily recommended, yet optional)At the very least 80 ATK (100 would be more beneficial)Ultima Weapon (MP Hastega is highly helpful for this fast-paced fight)All Drive creates maxed

Difficulty-wise, Lingering will is the most an overwhelming optional ceo in the game. That has almost a dozen bars the health, is exceptionally fast and can combo you to oblivion. Among the Lingering Will's most basic combos is a scan three-hit motion. He dashes and attacks three times towards you and this deserve to be quickly dodged with Dodge Roll. Top top his third hit, he'll land to the ground. He is vulnerable in this phase and fully open for attack, so for the first part that the fight, this will certainly be the finest opportunity to gain a few hits in. One more move the Lingering will will usage a drill attack. He deserve to sometimes combo into this move. His Keyblade will briefly transform right into a huge drill which will blow you back as well. The timing home window is an ext awkward here, but with the correctly-timed Guard, he will again be open for strike afterwards. Execute note but that this time, execute not strike immediately after ~ guarding. If you do so, you deserve to still take it some damages from the consequences of his attack, therefore wait a 2nd after prevent to go in because that the kill.One of the Lingering Will's much more deadly assaults would be his whip move. It has wide selection and a high damages output, and also is more daunting to predict than the vault two. Friend can shot use Reflega or Guard, yet the safest option is simply trying come dash away. If girlfriend get captured in it, use Aerial Dodge and also withstand the damage you take. If you're yes, really desperate to save your HP, utilizing a Drive type or a limit is the only method to an outbreak of the combo. The Lingering Will's next strike is that cannon move. The Keyblade transforms into a cannon the shoots out a substantial orb that explodes on influence with Sora, handle a nasty amount of damage. However, the can easily be manipulated. If you're close to the Lingering will certainly as the does the move, a well-timed Guard have the right to deflect the back, hurting the Lingering Will and also then leaving it open up for a combo. If you're farther away, you can deflect it ago using a Dodge roll or attack in the direction, which will additionally send the back. Some of the Lingering Will's later combos are particularly crazy, through very particular timing that will take a lot of practice prior to you have the right to walk out without a scratch. Naturally, friend will want to stock up ~ above as plenty of Elixirs and Hi-Potions as possible before beginning this fight. Consider crafting a few Attack Ups to aid out ~ above Sora's damage output. However, over there is a damages cap for Sora in this ceo fight. Any kind of attack stat over 82 will do no much more damage, so simply be mindful of that.An vital thing come note around the Lingering Will's boss fight that is unlike any kind of other boss fight in the game is the the lot of damage Sora transaction on the Lingering will certainly depends totally on how numerous consecutive combos you have the right to do on him before he interrupts or does a combo that his own. Therefore if you regulate four three-hit combos in a row, the damage of every combo will significantly increase.This can likewise break the boss fight itself thanks to an alternating cheap technique to beating the Lingering Will. Don't worry if you want to usage this method, as the boss fight is well known for that sudden and random facet in how it hits you next, which is nothing quick of frustrating for most. To exploit this method, ensure girlfriend equip the following:

Equip the Fenrir Keyblade and negative ComboUn-equip any kind of Air Combo Plus, Aerial Finish, Finishing to add Magnet Spash girlfriend may have actually equippedUn-equip High jump to make repetitively hitting that easier

Once you have actually the above ready, repeatedly assault the Lingering will certainly again and again making use of a jump finisher (ground finishers will certainly not work). Merely jump, press

and also Sora should immediately use a finisher. Climate repeat the process.

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Due to the fact that of the truth that consecutive combos leader to an ext damage in this boss fight, each finisher will an outcome in more and more damage. As long as girlfriend don't hit any type of stalacmites in the way and keep steering the Lingering will away native incoming obstacles, you have the right to endlessly combo Lingering Will until the finish of his health.