Grid step

You have the right to print out the base construction lines and also start illustration on tracing record or you can attract the net layout yourself utilizing the adhering to steps… show more

1) in ~ the top of the sheet, recognize the ar of the head and draw that conditional dimension using one oval.2) attract a vertical line with the middle of the ideal hemisphere of the head.3) native the upper border of the head, attract two segments equal to the elevation of the head and also one segment same to three-quarters the height of the head. This will certainly be the top boundary the the figure.4) from the upper border the the head, attract six segments equal to the elevation of the head and one segment same to two-thirds the height of the head.5) from the central vertical heat of the figure, measure and also draw:•Two segments same to the width of the head – to the left the the line.•Two segments same to the broad of the head – come the ideal of the line.Through the borders of the segment we attract vertical lines. The extreme left and right segments room the vertical borders of the drawing.

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Step 1

Mark turn off the width and also height of the picture. Define the general proportions of the gladiator. Draw guidelines for his head, body, sword and poleaxe.




Step 4

Draw the forms of the legs, arms and also hands the the gladiator. Lay out his nose, ear, helmet, reminder of is sword and blades that his poleaxe.


Step 5

Delineate the armor, fingers and also facial features of the gladiator.

Step 6

Detail the armor, poleaxe and sword.

Step 7

Work ~ above the figure, paying unique attention to detail.

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Step 8

Contour the gladiator, make the efforts to differ the thickness and also darkness the the line. Add more detail. Include the ground. Erase every guidelines.