Here you discover a Avengers Academy overview with tips, tricks and cheats for Android and iOS. We desire to carry you closer to a FAQ and some tips for fighting and other content of the game. For every beginners in Marvel’s Avengers Academy, we additionally have some tips for starting present. We’re going to wind increase again come the question of a cheat and you’ll find the links to the downloads because that Android, iPhone and also iPad (iOS). Since this game is a Free2Play game, it makes sense to get some advice to progress as conveniently as possible. If you know more tips around Avengers Academy, friend may also like, you re welcome tell us in the comments.

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Useful web links for Avengers Academy

• TinyCo FAQ TinyCo’s main FAQ covers general gameplay and also troubleshooting issues. It’s to update every time brand-new content is added, for this reason be sure to check it often. The can additionally be uncovered inside the video game itself, in the settings > help section.

• our Wiki A database of every the information actually in the game. Written by every one of you, for all of you!

• Wasp and Learn – Collecting Textbooks 101 For all your character recruiting and updating needs.


FAQ for Avengers Academy

What do I execute if I shed my progress? Everyone must save a screenshot automatically of the loading screen, which has an account number in the bottom best which is needed to recoup or carry accounts. Once you have this call support with your information and they should be able to restore your save.

Q: What is the existing level cap?

The present level lid is 33, yet there is no brand-new content ~ level 29 various other than a rank for the Avengers Stadium and the experience gain slows down significantly.

Q: I’m in ~ level XX, and the game says I deserve to unlock character Y in ~ level XX yet I can’t number out how!

A: The video game requires girlfriend to complete the key quest up to a particular point because that each character. Oftentimes, girlfriend will be over the character’s minimum level by the moment you’ve developed far enough in the story to recruitment them. View the Unlocks section at the bottom and the wiki for much more information.

Q: last week i was gaining so numerous (credits/books/items/Pym particles) and this mainly I’m fixed getting any kind of at all!

A: The developers are constantly rebalancing the game for pacing.

Q: are premium characters worth it?

A: That’s a personal decision. You can decide that, due to the fact that you’re a large fan of Spider-Woman, you want to pay a tiny money to have her in your Academy. The services of premium personalities are: enhanced credit rewards for part missions, exclusive pursuit lines, and extr help with some one-of-a-kind events. Only you deserve to decide if that provides them ‘worth it’. Most occasion premium characters are likewise not worth it for their an increase alone. Your key decision should be based upon a personality you prefer at a good price, or to assistance the game, v their bonuses as a quite addition.

Q: i missed the event for Baron Zemo/A-Bomb/Red Hulk. Will certainly I ever have the ability to recruit this characters?

A: Baron Zemo has currently returned because that the finish of the Civil war event. We have actually no guarantees that others will certainly return however it is constantly a possibility.

Q: when will Romance acquire released?

A: ‘Soon’

Q: will there be same-sex dating?

A: probably not through the relax of Romance, but probably at part point. The devs have confirmed that personalities will have their canon sexualities, and also have likewise said that they space specifically interested in adding much more LGBTQ+ characters.

Q: A user said they got shards native watching ads, however I don’t have this choice in my game. What gives?

A: The ability to watch ads for shards seems to it is in in beta right now, and also is region-locked. The is also turned off by purchase shards.

Q: will certainly I lose my decoration/buildings/costume after the event ends?

A: No, if friend bought it then it’s yours. However, they will certainly disappear indigenous the store and also you won’t be able to buy anything girlfriend may have actually missed.

Q: My structure says it expires in X days, will certainly it disappear after ~ that?

A: No, however it won’t store producing any type of items; that will end up being just decoration.

Q: as soon as will the following update it is in or the next occasion start?

A: we don’t know. TinyCo will occasionally offer advertise occasions for beginning within a main or a similar time frame, however no one to know the specific time till it’s released.

Q: will certainly I lose my progress if i reinstall the game?

A: No, the video game syncs with you GameCenter/Google pat account, it must be fine. Girlfriend should however take note of your ID number (the one that shows up on the bottom right of the loading screen) and if noþeles happens, contact support with it and also they’ll restore your game.

Q: My game crashes/I have a bug/etc, what do I do?

A: contact support, they’ll be able to help you better. If you space desperate you have the right to also try to force close the app and also reopening it or reinstalling.

Q: how do ns unlock zones?

A: Unlocking zones depend on your development on the key quests, keep completing them until you acquire the option. View the Unlocks Section and the wiki

Q: I’m make the efforts to construct the stadium but it says I don’t have actually space!

A: The stadion is huge, you require a space of 7×10 to construct it, shot moving things roughly a bit.

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Q: How deserve to I get much more shards?

A: For now the only means to gain shards is by leveling increase (4 shards per level) or in some certain quests. Part people likewise have the alternative to watch ads however this relies on your an ar and device. If you have an iOS 3D Touch you deserve to press and hold on every character to obtain a one-time drop of 1 shard per character. If you use Android you can likewise use the main Google Opinion Rewards application to answer surveys because that Google play credit. The only other way is buying them.