Warning these events have the right to reason serious trouble. As low as you"re parental fees spanking or punishing you or as high as going to juvenile detention. But anymeans you will acquire kicked out of college.

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1 Say you have a bomb

You"ll be kicked out of earth!

Your frifinish is arab and also he"s is in isis so he will blow up the school

2 Deal illegal drugs

Done that they still do not understand I was the one that gives it out at college carnivals haha

3 Try to have sex in school

In 7th grade a guy tried to obtain in my bathroom stall and also was smiling while I was peeing. the various other guy adjacent endangered to break his hand also if he did that aobtain.

They gained to be massive too

Maybe that can work

Best way possible

5 Grab a gun and start shooting

Tright here was a man that threatened to SHOOT up the SCHOOL on my HS bus a month ago, and also was planning on it and tried to acquire me and also two others he talked to into it. I declined and also the others appeared to think he was joking, however he seemed severe.

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It was scary however he obtained reported and was arrested with a felon after the police officers did searcs and also interviews and obtained kicked out of that school. Tbelow was no gun or ammo through him nor the other 2 guys, and given that he was vague enough around it I"m not certain if he was actually gonna do it either the following day or if he was ssuggest blowing off vapor, yet his life is destroyed now.

Do you have brain damage or something?

How have the right to I buy or make guns?

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