Changing her League"s divisions (Web Only)

Once her league has been created, theLeague Managercan edit the number of divisions in the league on the "Teams and also Divisions" page. This way the league Managercan adjust the organization from two 6-team divisions to one 12-team single department league, and also vice-versa.

NOTE: division Settings lock v the first game of the MLB season.

Click on "LM Tools"Click on "Edit Teams and Divisions"


Options easily accessible include:Add/Remove DivisionsRename DivisionsModify Team NamesMove Teams in between DivisionsReset Schedule


How to adjust the organization from 2 6-team departments to one 12-team single division league:

Under "Edit Teams and also Divisions", you deserve to see two divisions of 6 teams: (13 groups in this league however idea stands!)


If you do have to "consolidate" them right into one division, use the fall down and move all the groups from one division to one more FIRST, then click "Delete Division" (Greyed the end at this time)


Make sure you click "Save Changes" in ~ the end!


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