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Anonymous:If I wanted to speak "fuck off" in Spanish, how would ns go around it? i imagine "eat shit" would certainly be something follow me the currently of "Come mierda?"

Depends on how mean you want to be.

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You imagine right.

You likewise see (vete) a la mierdawhich is a vulgar like“fuck off” or“go to hell” despite it’s literally“go come shit”, you additionally might check out vete al infierno“go to hell” or vete al carajowhich is literally“go to dick”

Whatever friend choose, it’s normally telling people to go to something.

Nicer 보다 that is just a an easy muérete“go die” or púdrete“go rot”

Spanish’s most vulgar stuff has tendency to show off la mierdaor cagar… it’s a an extremely poop language once it concerns cursing. If there’s poop involved, someone’s angry.

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Also, ns think it’s universal however there’s que car jodanwhich is literally“get fucked”… Spain might likewise say que dare den“screw you” literally“may they offer it come you”… this is all túthough therefore you have actually to adjust if it’s many or Usted.

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