If friend are brand-new to Madden NFL games, or simply don’t know all of the controls, we’ve placed a overview together so friend know just how to transition the protective line or how to placed your defense into press coverage.

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We’ll start with controls on offense and also then relocate onto defense.

Hot paths On Offense

Lets first start with exactly how to hot route (change the path a recipient is running). To lug up the hot route menu, once you gain to the line of scrimmage, you will certainly hit the Y button on the XBOX One or the Triangle switch on the playstation 4.

That will carry up the display screen below. Notice the icons over your receivers’ heads.


You select the recipient whose path you desire to readjust by pushing the icon over his head.

For example, if you wanted to readjust Antonio Brown’s route, you would hit the X switch on the XBOX One or the square switch on the game stations 4.


At this point, you will have a screen that come up with every one of the various hot routes available to you. By relocating the appropriate stick or left stick particular directions, you deserve to choose between the warm routes you desire that receiver to run.

You will also notification the consist of of what is referred to as a “Smart Route” on this screen. That normally extends (or shortens) the route that receiver is running to the first down line.

For example, on a traditional in route, the receiver operation 5 yards downfield and then breaks in. If you had actually 10 yards to go for a an initial down (for example very first and 10), you can smart path that receiver and he will run 10 yards downfield before he division inside.

Audibles on Offense

When you want to adjust the pat you are running in ~ the line of scrimmage, you contact an audible. To contact an audible, friend will want to wait till your offense gets collection at the heat of scrimmage, and then click the X switch on the XBOX One or the Square switch on the playstation 4.


This bring up a display screen where you deserve to use the buttons to speak to a new play from the very same formation, or you can use the arrows to role through other formations and call a play from a various formation of her choice.

Slide Protection

There may be time in a Madden video game where friend think a blitz is coming from the left, right, or increase the middle. This is a time to usage slide protection. Slide protect tells your attack line to shift a certain way after the snap.

To carry up the slide protection screen, push L1/LB when you obtain to the line of scrimmage and also then left, right, up, or down depending on which way you desire to on slide protect.


Defensive individual Assignments

To readjust a defensive assignment because that a particular player, you desire to first scroll end so the player is the player you desire to make an adjustment to is highlighted. Climate click the A switch on the XBOX One or the X button on the playstations 4.


Once you click the A/X button, the screen over will come up. You deserve to then direct the player into a zone by making use of the left rod or various other coverages using the appropriate stick.

Defensive Audibles

To speak to an audible on defense (change your play), hit the X button on the XBOX One or the Square button on the game stations 4. You can then pick a play within the formation you are currently in utilizing the buttons, or you deserve to scroll over to the left or the ideal to readjust formations.


Coverage Adjustments

To adjust the coverage of your defense on a global level (instead of separation, personal, instance players), friend will want to press the Y button on the XBOX One or the Triangle button on the playstation 4.

At that point, this screen will come up.


You deserve to then pick to give cushion (back the defense up), present blitz, basic align, press, or the shade coverage overtop, underneath, inside, or outside. Girlfriend can also make separation, personal, instance adjustments, fast adjustments, safeguard the sticks, or male align at this point.

Linebacker Adjustments

To make global changes to your linebackers in Madden, you want to push RB top top the XBOX One or R1 on the playstation 4.

That will carry the screen below up.


You can shift all your linebackers left, right, spread, or pinch making use of the left stick. You can blitz all your linebackers, blitz the LOLB, blitz the ROLB, or zone all your linebackers by using the appropriate stick.

Defensive heat Adjustments

You can make adjustments to your defensive line by pushing LB top top the XBOX One or L1 ~ above the playstations 4.

That will bring up the screen below.


At that point, girlfriend can shift the protective line by using the left stick, or crash the method they rush (their blitz angle) by utilizing the ideal stick.

Shift Defense/Guess Play

To guess beat or transition your entire defense, press the LT button on the XBOX One, or the L2 button on the game stations 4.

That will carry up the display below.


To shift the totality defense one means or another, usage the left stick. To guess the pat the offense is running, use the best stick. Friend can likewise QB save on computer or or walk to one of two people the quarterback ~ above an option or the running ago on the alternative at this screen.

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If you have any type of other inquiries with just how to set something increase in Madden, feel free to leave a comment below.