Some weapons in The department 2 have the right to dish out the damage, but without mods they might be a tad unstable. Because the mode system has been overhauled for the sequel, it"s necessary that you walk over specifically how castle work and also how best to usage them v your weapon sets. Our guide has all the information you need to obtain started.

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Want to understand everything about the various different systems in The division 2? Head on end to ourThe department 2 overview hub to uncover lots more information around the game. An ext will be discovered as Agents pile into Washington D.C., so continue to be frosty. If you"re looking for information around the pre-endgame skills of The department 2, head on over to ourThe department 2 best skills guide because that the best skills to unlock and equip, while our The division 2 ideal perks guide will walk into more detail about the perks themselves and also which persons are finest to unlock early. Because that those that just want to gain to the endgame quickly, ourThe division 2 exactly how to level up fast guide will give you tips on just how to carry out that quickly.

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The department 2 mods guide

Mods in The division 2 are little upgrades that you can affix to weapons to bolster certain stats. In this guide, you"ll discover out just how to unlock mods, exactly how to do them, and also the actions you have to take to equip them to weapons and gear. Let"s acquire started with unlocking them:

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How to acquire mods in The department 2

There are two possible ways to acquire mods in The division 2. The easiest way is come unlock brand-new perks, which girlfriend can uncover out all around in ourThe department 2 ideal perks guide. As quickly as you unlock them, you"ll be able to attach them onto your weapons. The an ext tedious means however is come unlock blueprints. You perform this by completing missions - greatly side goals - i beg your pardon in turn provide you blueprints. Once you"ve derived a blueprint, every you must do is head to your friendly do station located in the White home base of operations - directions to that space in ourThe division 2 crafting guide - and make the mod when you"ve got the resources.


Equipping mods to weapons

You should note that when a mod is do or unlocked, the is shared throughout your whole inventory. Friend can as such attach your favourite border to every the tools that it claims you can connect it to. The eligible tools are found in the mod"s description, viewable in the "View Weapon mods" command in the mod tools screen, discovered in the inventory menu and pressing the "mods" key.


Equipping mode to skills

Weapons aren"t the only equipment that can get mods to connect to them. Skills can use their very own pool the mods, yet they need a specific Skill Power requirement in bespeak to usage them. Come equip an standard mod, you will should do the following:

Head right into the inventory and also select one of the two an abilities equipped. This will bring up the skills list, which has actually all the an abilities you"ve unlocked.Select a skill and also click the alternative at the bottom ideal that says "Mod" (you can additionally press the F vital to accessibility this menu).Double click one of the squares (or the circle because that cosmetic mods) and select the mod you"d favor to equip.

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With that, this concludes the guide for how to usage mods in The division 2, yet we will absolutely have some more guides on the video game in the comes weeks ahead. Continue to be frosty the end there and we"ll carry you some brand-new intel together we uncover out more about the game. In the meantime, if you preordered or obtained one the the many special editions to the game, head on end to ourThe department 2 preorder bonus item guide for the procedures that should be required to unlock this items for use in-game.