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Let me tell friend a tiny story 'bout just how I was raisedEvery day work, every job prayGod, family, friends, yes everybody sinsA winner never ever quits, and also a quitter never winsHelps people in need, don't autumn for greedA jealous guy is weak therefore think before you speakIf friend love 'em permit 'em know, if you dislike let that goFast have the right to be fun, yet sometimes you need slowGod is every good, the evil one is therefore realSo listen up y'all reason this is exactly how I feelI won't back up, ns don't ago downI've been raised up to was standing my groundTake mine job yet not my gunsTax my check 'til ns ain't obtained noneExcept for the great Lord up aboveI answer to no oneSee I'm a flag flyin' holy bible totin' kid of a gunYeah I'm hell top top the heart just a rebel ~ above the runScared don't understand it, fear don't feel itThe reality is the light, periodically you gotta fightGood win bad, right beats wrongI'm a bar room preacher and also this is my songI'm climbin' for the top, representin' because that the countryI'm the people's champ right out the deer campShotgun toter, republican voterHank Jr supporter, let's safeguard our borderTo hell v anyone who don't believe in the USA'Cause this is what ns say
I won't earlier up, ns don't ago downI've been increased up to was standing my groundTake mine job but not my gunsTax my inspect 'til ns ain't got noneExcept because that the good Lord up aboveI answer come no oneGive me my best to voteMy appropriate to toteThe weapon of mine choiceDon't censor my voiceHate me if you want or love me if friend canIf the reality is what you want then you uncovered your mani ain't backin' down, ns ain't backin' upIf friend think favor I think, then crank it on upI won't earlier up, i don't ago downI've been increased up to stand my groundTake my job yet not mine gunsTax my examine 'til i ain't got noneExcept because that the great Lord increase aboveI answer come no oneI price to nobody son