Taylor Swift opened up the American Music Awards on Tuesday night with a power of "I walk Something Bad," which marked her first performance in ~ an awards show in 3 years.

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Taylor Swift opened up the American Music Awards ~ above Tuesday night through a performance of “I go Something Bad.”

Clad in a black body suit, Swift stand elevated above a number of male backup dancers lying on the floor in a heap in prior of her. She started the performance by showing off she vocal range as she sang a slowed-down intro of the song.

The performance conveniently picked up its tempo as female and male backup dancers, that were likewise in all dressed in black ensembles, join the singer. Swift and also the dancers stand in a line as she sang the line, “If a male talks shit / Then ns owe the nothing,” which to be noticeably muted the end by the network.

The greatly choreographed performance confirmed off both Swift’s run moves and vocal range. As she sang the line, “They’re burning all the witches / also if you aren’t one / It’s simply for fun,” she pointed to herself, who has had actually her fair share of public drama and criticism in the past.

A memorable component of the power took location as Swift was lifted up by her back-up dancers. A snake, i m sorry has become her trademark because releasing the Reputation album in 2017, climbed from back of the stage as she repeatedly sang the line, “Light me up.”


A variety of audience members provided Swift a stand ovation adhering to the number.

The performance, i m sorry came just days ~ the American foot of the call stadium tour concluded, significant Swift’s an initial awards show performance in three years.

In enhancement to performing, Swift is nominated because that artist of the year, pop/rock woman artist, pop/rock female album and also tour of the year in ~ the awards show. The country-turned-pop star has won a total of 19 honors in ~ the AMAs in the past. If Swift wins 3 awards during the night, she will come to be the most decorated mrs in the history of the AMAs. Early on in the night, Swift took home the award for tour of the year. She later won the favourite pop/rock mrs album and artist of the year categories.

Swift newly made headlines adhering to an Instagram write-up in which she voiced assistance for Democrat candidate Phil Bredesen, that is to run for U.S. Senate in Tennessee. The when apolitical demonstrate condemned Republican nominee Marsha Blackburn for she voting document in Congress.

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Tracee Ellis Ross offered as the organize of the 2018 AMAs. The fan-voted awards show aired live on abc from the Microsoft theater in Los Angeles.


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