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You don"t beat in a band dubbed Cannibal Corpse there is no expecting come raise some eyebrows at the really least. Unfortunately, being part of the tape didn"t carry out guitarist play O"Brien any type of favors as soon as his residence was investigated following an arrest and also police uncovered multiple firearms and also human skulls.

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In a tweet ~ above Monday, a Twitter user joked "If only we might have watched this coming," sharing screenshot of an article about the occurrence from Consequence of Sound and also a satirical most famous list the Cannibal Corpse songs on Spotify.

The Consequence that Sound headline reads, "More 보다 80 firearms and three skulls discovered in Cannibal Corpse guitarist"s home," and the playlist list the optimal 5 songs for the tape on the streaming site, yet swaps out 2 titles because that ones the fit the situation: "I Have weapons in my House, for Murder" is one and "My residence is full of Skulls" is the other. When the tape is well-known for shocking song and also album title (the number one song "Hammer Smashed Face" is a real song by the band), the song titles are purely jokes.

In December 2018, The Tampa Bay time reported that the guitarist had referred to as relatives speaking around extraterrestrials arriving and "the rapture," prior to his house burned down. As the headline states, the investigators discovered 80 guns (50 of which to be shotguns), weapon parts, and the three skulls. O"Brien had damaged into a neighbor"s residence with a knife, wherein he was later tased by an officer. His house captured fire quickly after, and explosions caused by ammunition do it difficult for firefighters to put out the fire.

Following his arrest, the tape released a statement on on facebook expressing support for the guitarist and also gave an upgrade on his psychological health. "e all desire nothing yet the ideal for our brother and partner, Pat," the band wrote. "e want everyone to recognize that beat is acquiring the assist he needs and also appreciates the love and also support indigenous Cannibal Corpse fans around the world."

Journalist Kim Kelly, who"s covered steel (as well together labor), comment to the tweet writing that while death metal is among the most famous subgenres in metal, stories prefer this are couple of and much between.

In same there space literal thousands of fatality metal bands in the world, and very few stories favor this

— Kim Kelly (

Other civilization responded, mentioning that the two tune titles to be fake, yet that the genuine titles were much worse and an ext extreme. When some track titles space too excessive for to print, the band has albums concerned as classics with titles prefer Butchered at bear and dig of the Mutilated. If you"re still curious, girlfriend can find them top top your desired streaming service. Don"t say we didn"t warning you.

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Guitarist Patrick O"Brien the Cannibal Corpse performs at the Rockstar energy Mayhem Festival on July 5, 2014 in san Bernardino, California. Getty/Chelsea Lauren/WireImage