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"I"ll be Doggone" is a 1965 song videotaped by American spirit singer Marvin Gaye and also released ~ above the Tamla label. The song talks around how a male tells his woman the he"ll be "doggone" about straightforward things yet if she did him wrong the he"d it is in "long gone". It came to be his first million-selling record and also his first number-one solitary on the R&B chart, staying there for two weeks, and was the first song Gaye videotaped with Smokey Robinson as one of the songwriters of the record. The song was co-written by Robinson"s other Miracles members Pete Moore and also Marv Tarplin. The Miracles also sang background on this recording,along v Motown"s long-standing woman back-up group, The Andantes,and wonder Marv Tarplin played lead guitar. "I"ll it is in Doggone" provided Marvin his 3rd top-ten pop hit, whereby it peaked at number eight on the Billboard warm 100, v that number matched by his follow-up record, "Ain"t the Peculiar".more »

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Well, I"ll be Doggone if i would job-related all dayAnd I"ll it is in Doggone if ns would carry you mine payBut if ns ever recorded you running around,blowing my money all over this townThen i wouldn"t it is in doggone Hey, Hey! I"d be long gone.Then i wouldn"t be doggone (Baby!)I"d be long gone. Mm mmNow, hey, hey, hey! I"ll it is in Doggone if friend ain"t a quite thingAnd I"ll it is in Doggone if you ain"t heat as a breath of springAnd if us live to it is in a hundred year old,if you ever let the spring rotate coldThen ns wouldn"t be doggoneHey, Hey, Hey! I"d be lengthy gone.Oh, i wouldn"t it is in doggone (Baby)I"d be long gone. Mm mmNow, did friend hear me?Well, now, what ns say oh, believe me. Well, ev"ry mrs should try to be every little thing her guy wants she to be.And i don"t want much, all I desire from friend is because that you to it is in true to me. I"ll be Doggone if love ain"t a man"s ideal friendOh, baby, and I"ll it is in Doggone if girlfriend ain"t the loving endThough I understand you make me feel choose nobody could, if ns ever uncovered out the you"re no great Then ns wouldn"t it is in doggone Well, i wouldn"t it is in doggone (Baby!)I"d be long gone.I wouldn"t it is in doggone (gonna record me a train)Naw, baby, ns wouldn"t it is in doggoneI wouldn"t be doggone (gonna catch me a plane)

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Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye (April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984), born Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr., to be an American singer-songwriter and musician whose career spanned an ext than 2 decades. Born and also raised in Washington, D.C., he was the boy of a storefront minister the a regional Pentecostal church sect and grew up to sing gospel in church revivals as a young child. Gaye branched out right into secular music together a teenager, authorized the doo-wop group The Marquees, after return from one honorable discharge indigenous the United states Air Force, prior to the team was rental by Harvey Fuqua to be Harvey & The Moonglows. Adhering to the band"s separation in 1960, Gaye started working together a conference drummer because that the Detroit music label, Anna, prior to signing through Motown records in 1961, adding an "e" to his s… much more »