This is one essay I created for a college class as a solution to the quick story "I want To Be miss out on America" by Julia Alvarez.The writer Julia Alvarez offers subtle yet powerful methodology in her story “I desire To Be miss America.” Her composing voice at an initial appears apathetic and cold come the discussion she is talking about, favor a mono-tone robot. She lists off events that would certainly seemingly have had actually a profound affect on her life together though they were simply blips in a news paper. She does this because that a reason. She pain seeps through her lettering slowly at first, then it rushes in ~ the leader to do the strongest allude of all; the conventional of “American beauty” is tho haunting her to this day.This message discusses Alvarez’s battle with beauty beauty and culture from the time she is a pre-teen to existing day. She purposefully lingers top top the early-teen point in she life for most of the story because this was a most an essential time for she shaping her future ideas. She outlines the simple qualities of person nature, with underlying tones of quiet rage at her experience as an “American foreigner.” After reading her story, could one ever completely disagree through her suffer that American media is horribly biased and also unfair? perhaps – but her quiet fury is really compelling.Reading this author’s experience really made me stop and also think – how do I, others, and the media impact how we all check out each other? walk there have to be a conventional of beauty? Is there also one?It’s amazing to think about what one’s society projects ~ above an individual. One might feel ugly or out of ar without ever before being told such. Alvarez provides this an extremely clear as soon as she discusses the ladies in the pageant and also how they were mainly all white, and also when there was a “token Hispanic” girl she would constantly look white and just have actually a Spanish critical name. No one told Julia Alvarez outright the she have to be white come fit in, but social standards spoke to her instead. Lock seem come speak to everyone in various ways on some twisted level.Julia Alvarez dictates, “my sisters and I always had plenty of commentary on every the contestants. We were solid strangers to this routine of picking the beauty. In our own family, we had actually a to run competition regarding who to be the prettiest the the four girls . . . Ns was regularly voted the cutest, though my larger sister chosen to repeat me that I had the type of looks that wouldn’t period well . . . She bragged around the new kind of math she was finding out in high school, . . . I beg your pardon she claimed I would certainly never be able to figure out. I thought her. Dumb and ex-cute, it is what i would thrive up come be,” (p. 95). This is a great example of exactly how her composing illumines the idea of just how one is effected by the media, and how this is perpetuated on many different level – not just from the television. It is fairly disturbing come think about how lot these things really can impact a person.As americans on a day to day basis we room constantly battered v false images from our society which we are then intended to job onto oneself in order to fit right into a specific “social mode.” human being like Alvarez that decide to question this social mode are thought about abnormal, or worse; completely ignored. I think that this American an illness of picture is no necessarily a cultural issue alone – it is likewise a diseased photo of the self on an individual basis. In whatever society one is carried up in it seems that one will always have an individual and cultural standards, i m sorry is human being nature . . . ? I’d prefer to think the one has the capability be may be to change parts that this “cultural disease of image”, and leave other parts which may be vital . . .One allude I would like to bring up is that not all cultural standards are bad. There is part amount of stereotyping which we all have to exist within the boundaries of if we space to live in this world. Perform we no “stereotype” a tree together a tree? It would make most sense if one to be able come stereotype while staying conscious that one is stereotyping, and to not perform it all the time. I think this come be feasible with a greater cultural awareness.Julia Alvarez’s personality shines through in countless places in this essay. I deserve to feel her as an insecure teenager, and also later together a hurt adult. She is strong, and also I believe that she does no still exist in ~ the boundaries of her standard of beauty that she had as a teenager, however she is an extremely much conscious of how this still affects her subconscious. I believe she would favor to view the watch of beauty, beauty (in today’s society) as enabling all world to be different, yet all equally beautiful – without judgment.I frequently wonder how the human being would be without the pain of bias based on race, religion, sexuality, etc. If bias were come be hosted just around the mind; one’s intelligence. If stereotyping could be done based upon the mind alone, it would deal with a many problems. There would be no more “first impressions” because that one, and more people would be happy.Alvarez later touches ~ above the point about how the social standard the beauty adjusted in the 1960’s, and also how continual Americans started to dress choose “foreigners” (hippies). Over there is a slight ton of expect in she voice for the idea the change; social norms don’t always stay the very same (as she discovered out).

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In-between the lines I believe she is trying come say, “if culture could readjust for the better in the 1960’s, I believe it is possible that society could readjust for the far better in today’s modern-day world.”It is not difficult to readjust the really essence of who and what society is – after ~ all, space we no the an extremely people who produce our own society on a daily basis? once one have the right to realize this, one not required be grounding in this cultural muck (too dreadful much). I have actually hope the things can change.