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"I Wouldn"t want to Be favor You" is a tune by the British gradual rock band The Alan Parsons Project, featured on your 1977 album i Robot. Composed by tape leaders Alan Parsons and also Eric Woolfson, "I Wouldn"t desire to Be favor You" was sung by popular music singer Lenny Zakatek, who would go on come sing countless of the band"s songs. In the joined States, the song was a moderate success and also charted at #36 on the Billboard hot 100.

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If I had a psychic toI wouldn"t desire to think choose youAnd if I had actually time toI wouldn"t want to talk to you, oho-ohI don"t careWhat friend doI wouldn"t want to be choose you, yeahIf ns was high classI wouldn"t need a buck to passAnd if ns was a fall guyI wouldn"t need no alibiI don"t careWhat friend doI wouldn"t desire to be like you, oh, oh, ohBack top top the bottom lineDiggin" because that a lousy dime, yeahIf i hit a mother lodeI"d sheathe anything the showed, oh-ohI don"t careWhat girlfriend doI wouldn"t desire to be favor you, oho-ohI don"t careWhat you doI wouldn"t wannaI wouldn"t want to be prefer youI wouldn"t desire to be prefer youYeah, uh, yeah, oh

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The Alan Parsons task The Alan Parsons job was one English steady rock band, energetic between 1975 and also 1990, consist of of singer Eric Woolfson and keyboardist Alan Parsons surrounded by a varying number of session musicians. More »

Written by: Alan Parsons, Eric Woolfson

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