Last night was the series premiere that OWN’s If loving You Is Wrong! Not lot happened this episode, yet it looks favor Tyler Perry is setup things up to obtain pretty crazy! The new edition to ILYIW is finally home, and also now it’s time for one personality to challenge the music. Another pair breaks up, and…will one personality die?

Now if friend remember from critical season, Alex came house from the hospital to discover that Brad brought her parents to see the baby. Alex’s mother comes approximately them to check out the baby, of course having all of us on the edge of our seats! Alex to be hesitating, yet Brad was like, “Oh, come on. Permit her check out the baby.” Alex’s mom is like, “Lemme see -” she lifts that blanket…..!!! She’s mortified! Brad do the efforts to get Rusty to come check out the baby, however her mom gets castle both to come upstairs to Rusty can’t see.

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As quickly as they gain to the bedroom, castle waste no time and also talk about the situation. Alex didn’t say anything, yet Brad makes sure to to fill mama in. Alex’s mom is like, “Did you have a baby with that colored guy next door?” Alex make the efforts to avoid the question, but finally admitted it. She mom’s like, “He raped you, didn’t he? the must have actually raped you while Brad to be a work. Exactly how did this happen?” Brad told her the story, yet she wouldn’t hear to him; she wanted to hear that from the horse’s mouth! Her mom said they’d call Rusty the baby was sick for this reason she might get rid that it. Yet Alex stated no and told her that they both understand that “someone raped her, and he wasn’t african American,” introduce to she dad. Alex’s mom tried to take it the baby, however Alex clogged her – she mama slapped she twice, then slapped Brad for trying to defend Alex. She then told them some story about how Rusty’s dad was eliminated by a black male on a tractor the went backwards rather of forward since he couldn’t read. Then claimed Rusty’s gonna death Alex, the baby, and also Randal. So when everyone leaves the bedroom, Alex sneaks out the back door through the baby.

Meanwhile, Pete is lying on the ground, shot(remember, they had him ambushed critical season) but manages to reach right into his pocket and call in v his cellphone(remember they jacked increase his radio too). Eddie overhears and calls Ben to tell him to obtain the phone and then act prefer he’s running approximately trying to obtain help. Ben tells Pete that he referred to as for help, but Pete didn’t think him and also was like, “You’re gonna allow me die out here. You and Eddie set this up! He’s gonna death you too! I’m dying!” therefore Eddie found his love and uses his radio to speak to in.

As that’s walking on, Lushion comes into Natalie’s house and also asks her about the tasing. Lushion tries to talk around how he’s gonna manage Eddie for doing it, yet Natalie interrupts and tells him the she’s already called his ceo in Virigina where he supplied to live, and he said that they would certainly take the back. She thinks that he’d be much safer there than below with Eddie. Lushion is like,”You never ever say friend love me and you act prefer you don’t desire me come stay,” to which she claims that she go love him and wants him come stay. He likewise tells her that she doesn’t trust men. She said, “No I simply don’t trust you.” She go on to tell him that she found out he left the pressure 4 years ago – what to be he act in between then and also when he got the police job? no to mention that he still had a bunch of money – What’s going on, Lushion? She asks him to tell she what’s walk on and what he’s gonna do, however he can’t. She said, “Well, till you do, ns don’t ever wanna see you again. I love friend Lushion. Please acquire out.” Sad.

Then we check out Randal, who has actually gone to the hospital, thinking that Alex is quiet there.

As that’s walking on, Marcie it s okay home and also tells Miss Louise(who I assumed was an alleged to walk home) that she found an apartment and also is relocating in through Brad. Miss out on Louise didn’t think it to be a good idea,but respected her decision. Marcie suddenly obtained a speak to from the credit card agency telling her that Randal took her credit transaction card and also charged $3,800 worth the baby clothes on it. Lawd.

Brad walks right into the bedroom to uncover that Alex is gone. In ~ the same time, Marcie calls him come tell him that they can immediately move into their apartment – it’s fully furnished. He talks to her around the situation and also how he wants to death rusty for raping Alex,but didn’t recognize why the felt so conflicted. Marcie understood and talked come him around it. Then she talks about what Randal did and Brad to be honestly surprised, since he believed Randal was apologetic. Clearly not.

Brad goes the end trying to uncover Alex, kicking the stork authorize down in the process. Not able to uncover her, Brad return home and to his bedroom, wherein Alex’s mommy is wait for him. She’s like, “Rusty desires to check out the baby. We aren’t leaving till you check out the baby.” Brad confronts her around the rape and also tells her that they will certainly not be staying in his house with his daughter there.

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As that’s happening, Randal gets home. The notices the stork is gone, however somehow gets a brand-new one and also puts it increase – really, dude? His mom meets him at the door, informing him to take it his ingredient back. Randal’s like, “No, ns bought this stuff because that Alex. I’m gonna take it come her.”

And that’s the end of the collection premiere. View you following week!

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