The financial institution manager would contact the Federal Reserve Regional Bank.Fact: The objective of their tasks is to ensure the financial toughness and also stcapability of the nations banking device.

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The bank manager would certainly call the Federal Reserve Regional Bank.


When institutions like Wachousing whose work on financial an banking services need a loan, they should contact the Federal Reserve Regional Bank, which is a local financial institution of the Federal Reserve System, the central banking mechanism of the United States. This is the means they can borrow money from a bigger economic resource.

The correct answer is B) Federal Reserve Regional Bank.

If Wachoby means of necessary to borrow money, the financial institution manager would certainly call the Federal Reserve Regional Bank.

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This financial institution belongs to the Federal Reserve System, that is the main bank of the United States. These banks implement the financial policy that is applied in the states. This mechanism gives the liquidity needed to all the banks. Tbelow are Federal Reserve Banks in Atlanta, Cleveland also, Minneapolis, Richmond, San Francisco, Boston, Kansas City, Washington, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and Dallas.

The various other choices of the question were A) the Federal Open Market Committee and also C) Board of Governors Member Bank.



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