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"If You Asked Me To" is a song composed by Amerihave the right to songwriter Diane Warren. It was originally tape-recorded by American singer Patti LaBelle for her ninth studio album Be Yourself (1989), and also for the soundtrack to the James Bond film, Licence to Kill. The naipublishers.com are from the allude of watch of a woman that pleads to her substantial other: "If you asked me to, I simply can adjust my mind, and let you in my life forever". Three years later on, Canadian singer Celine Dion covered "If You Asked Me To" for her 1992 self-titled second English-language studio album. Released as the album"s second single, Dion"s variation topped the Canadian charts and also peaked at number 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100.even more »

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Used to be that I thought in somethingUsed to be thatI thought in loveIt"s been a lengthy timeSince I had that feelingI can love someoneI could trust someoneI sassist I never let nobodyNear my heart aacquire, darlin"I said I never before let nobody inBut if you asked me toI simply could readjust my mindAnd let you in my life foreverIf you asked me toI simply might offer my heartAnd remain below in your arms foreverIf you asked me toIf you asked me toSomeexactly how ever considering that I been roughly youCan"t go earlier to beingOn my ownCan"t aid feeling, darlingDue to the fact that I uncovered youThat I found my homeThat I"m ultimately homeI shelp I never let nobodyGet to cshed to me, darlingI shelp I neededNeeded to be freeAsk me to and also I will offer my worldTo you babyI require you nowAsk me to and I"ll carry out anythingFor you babyFor you babyI"ll let you in my life foreverAll you gotta do is ask me toAnd I"ll give you my worldI"ll offer you my heartI"ll offer you anythingJust ask me, babyOh, I"ll do anything you want me to Just ask me, yesAll you gotta do is ask me toIf you asked me toI"ll readjust my mind

Watch: New Singing Leschild Videos Can Make Anyone A Great Singer


Patti LaBelle Patricia Louise Holte-Edwards (born May 24, 1944), much better recognized under the stage name Patti LaBelle, is a Grammy Award winning Amerihave the right to singer, author and also actress who has actually invested over 50 years in the music sector.

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LaBelle spent 16 years as lead singer of Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles, that changed their name to Labelle in the beforehand 1970s and released the iconic disco song, "Lady Marmalade". more »