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All right, so in this concern Ah, we can observe the in a stereo of the capacity off i Q score at age 25 for every the individuals who scored 159 8 eating. Therefore this is offered to us in the question not to start with a simplification turn off part. And also they have actually told united state pressed emir to the average school at the age off 35 because that all people scored 115 advertisement age aiding ideal now. Therefore I can see in that the difference in between the score is given by 115 minus hundreds, and this offers me 15. Therefore which I deserve to write as state is one right into 15 space so one start right down. This is one and also through those standing departments value. Therefore this worth actually now indicates that that is, um, one conventional deviations are over the average. Okay. Now, in ~ the immigrant matter, we're walk to use our indicates that after school at age 25 because that this group that we're trying come negotiate, this is utilizing the regression metal. Therefore the only guys in the various other school at period 20 five's it's walking to be our right into one typical deviations value. So space a 0.8 in tow. This is, um, one standard department so I have the right to write down. This is into one traditional deviation. Therefore the value that is going come remain right here is 0.8 into one. Conventional deviations 15. Therefore this actually gives us the worth as 12 on currently to calculation the Abbotts institution at 8 35 for all these individuals. So i was saying, therefore, the approximated average sooner or later last. Okay, that is going to be equal to the average score in ~ 88 ing, i beg your pardon is in reality worth 100. Okay. And also plus the other school at period 35. You just calculated the which is Trent. So the value of your shoulders 112 now moving on to the next component B. Lock told us to predict the school at age 35 because that an individual that scored 115 at age 18. So since we recognize that the institution at each 35 often individual to be court 100 climate at any type of drawer full 18 is the I have actually read college off. I have the right to see at period 20 Fife for every such individuals, so us only have now average obtainable from the party that we can see that in here so ns can straight again take into consideration the difference now. So that is under 10 15 minus 100 again. So just 15 so that I have the right to ride together one into 15. So it is again one and stand in departments here top top duh this value indicator. There's one standard division about the average, and again, making use of the regression matter, you're walk to calculate the added school at 8 35 so it's going to the same out into one typical deviations values, which is 0.8 into 15. This worth is 12 and further now.

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The guess avid it school, I could see will certainly be, in reality what v the ab that score, which is the 100 plus space the other school at the very least 35 inches 12. For this reason this offers the answer additionally what her last 120