ns usually have actually some doubts once I have to use prepositions, and one of mine most constant ones is when I need to use “in” and also when I need to use “on”.

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For example:

Returns true if the profile is found in the list, false otherwise.

Is it OK to say “in”, or should I use “on” there? Is there any type of strict rule about using “in” or “on”?



“In” implies limits in 2 or an ext directions. V a list, particularly in coding, it’s entirely suitable to to speak “in the list” in recommendation to other within the start and end limits of the list.

“On” argues a floor of some kind, that is to say a surface that provides a reduced boundary. Through so numerous lists make on paper, it will certainly not sound strange to say “on a list” due to the fact that the list have the right to be assumed of together existing on a surface.

Summary: In this case, it’s up to you! The former seems much more context-appropriate if girlfriend ask me, yet neither must offend anybody. You’re either being more literal (“in”) or much more figurative (“on”).


I to be an English teacher because that years, and in those days, the just preposition acceptable v "list" was "on." In fact, to compose "in the list," was taken into consideration a mistake. It"s apparent to me that the graphic idea that concerns mind once one talks about a list, is the flat surface the a item of record ON i m sorry the various items will be written. Through definition, a "list" will certainly never have actually the plainly defined limits of items for which we would certainly unhesitatingly usage the preposition IN, such as a crate or a drawer.

It appears to me that in the current politically correct world, too many of human being are bending end backwards in bespeak no to need to tnaipublishers.com those v a tenuous master of the English grammar that they are simply wrong. In


I expected to talk about Julian"s answer however do not have sufficient reputation.

I am a Chinese and English language is no my mom tongue so i am in no ar of providing "answers" come a question like this. But would favor to give my two pennies together an it professional.

In nearly all the programming language today, over there is a "list" data type, i beg your pardon may have an alternative name prefer an "array" or something else. List and also array may co-exist in part languages together two different data types, i m sorry is past the discussions here.

"Lists" in a programming language currently do have boundaries and they serve like containers with facets "in" them. Due to the fact that of that I have tendency to use "in a list" in my daily life exterior of work and also coding.


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just how to properly use preposition (on/in/at etc.) not just in verb phrases, but also other instances like prepositional expression
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