In this minute are publication their very first ever live DVD. Videotaped at the Orpheum theatre in Madison, Wisconsin ~ above 21st might 2013 ~ above the band’s tour complying with the release of the album “Blood”, the present took their already theatrical performances up a level.As anyone who saw castle on tour will know, In This Moment have a really theatrical stage show with singer Maria Brink an altering costumes, and also interacting v props, and also on this night the was quiet the case yet they’ve included extra elements to it including some dancers (or “Blood girls” together Maria refers to them).The setlist includes songs from their totality career yet tracks native “Blood” (which in my opinion is their best album yet) make up half the collection including “Blood”, “Adrenalize”, “Whore” and “Beast within”.

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The sound quality is excellent and also surprisingly the photo quality is too. Why surprisingly? well the band carry out like to use a the majority of smoke in your shows, and that’s without Maria utilizing a CO2 cannon together she walk in the show, so v all that smoke then ns was expecting the photo quality come suffer however the tape obviously chose the to meet to movie at well as there appears to be sufficient ventilation that there is tho plenty that smoke but it’s no at the level wherein it spoils the photo – a difficult balance to find. They plainly used rather a most cameras to film the show so there are plenty of camera angles varying from the vast view the the entirety stage come close-ups of every the tape members from miscellaneous positions.

So we’ve got an excellent sound quality, good visuals and also a solid setlist. Include onto the some video footage between songs that Maria Brink talk off stage about the following song the is comes up ~ above the DVD and also you’ve acquired a great DVD. A pretty touch is the for the ending credits castle play over footage of the tape rehearsing in the north venue fairly than the normal DVD credits that play against a black screen.

In the UK we only obtained support slot from In This Moment, i m sorry were good but city hall this DVD it’s clean that we really need some headline mirrors so us can gain to see the complete show.

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If you’re a fan of In This moment then I’d absolutely recommend getting this DVD.

Rating: 4/5

Track listing:

1. Intro (It Is Written/Rise v Me)2. Adrenalize3. Blazin’4. Beast Within5. Beautiful Tragedy6. Right into the Light7. The Blood Legion8. Gunshow9. Whore10. Burn11. Blood12. Ending Credits (Whore)

Line-Up: Maria Brink – VocalsChris Howorth – command GuitarTravis Johnson – BassRandy Weitzel – GuitarTom Hane – Drums

IN THIS moment online: www.inthismomentofficial.comfacebook.com/officialinthismomenttwitter.com/OfficialITM