A ______ is an owner that one of much more shares that a corporation.

You are watching: ____ is (are) the earnings of a corporation that are distributed to the stockholders.

Debit, debitA dividends account has actually a typical ____ balance and is enhanced by a _____.
liabilityA asserted dividend is classified as a(n) _____ .
work sheetThe function of a _______ is to plan adjustments and summarize the information necessary to prepare gaue won statements.
percentageMany businesses usage a _____ of full sales on account to estimate uncollectible account expense.
expenseFederal earnings tax is one ____ that a corporation.
expenseThe portion of the insurance allowance premiums that has expired during a fiscal duration is classified together a(n)___.
Prepaid Ins and Ins ExpThe 2 accounts supplied to change the Prepaid insurance money account are ___.
merchandise inventoryThe quantity of products on hand because that sale to customers is referred to as ___.
purchasedThe was Inventory amount in a work-related sheet's attempt Balance Debit obelisk represents the merchandise list ___ throughout a fiscal period..
Matching Exp. V Rev.Recording prices in the accounting period in which the expenses contribute to earning revenue is an applications of the audit concept ___.
Acc. Deprec.--Store Equip. And Deprec. Exp.--Store Equip.The 2 accounts provided to readjust the depreciation that store devices are ___.
retained earningsAn quantity earned by a corporation and also not yet dispersed to stockholders is dubbed ____.
uncollectible accountsAccounts receivable that cannot be collected are called _____.
current assetsCash and also other assets expected to be exchanged because that cash or consumed in ~ a year are referred to as ___.
plant assetsAssets that will certainly be supplied for a number of years in the procedure of a organization are referred to as ____.
estimated rescue valueThe amount an owner expects to receive once a tree asset is gotten rid of from use is called ____.

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depreciation expenseThe portion of a plant asset's cost is moved to an cost account in each fiscal duration during a tree asset's advantageous life is called ____.
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