Fred Savage is one American actor, producer, and director. While that has appeared in numerous films and also television shows, he is ideal known because that his function in The Wonder Years as Kevin Arnold. The award-winning show ran on alphabet from 1988 come 1993. In ~ the age of 13, Fred was nominated because that two gold Globes and also two Emmy nominations for outstanding Actor in a comedy collection for his role as Kevin Arnold, making him (at the time) the youngest gibbs to it is in nominated because that these awards.

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Fred likewise appeared in Morningstar/Eveningstar, Dinosaur! – A Fun-Filled Trip ago in Time!, The boy Who can Fly, Crime Story, vice Versa, tiny Monsters, Austin powers In Goldmember, household Guy, Kim Possible, Justice organization Unlimited, and The Twilight Zone. He also starred in the above 1987 movie The Princess Bride together The Grandson.

After The Wonder Years, Fred Savage was cast in several sitcoms including Crumbs, Working, and also The Grinder, all of which were short-lived. To take on darker roles, he play a professor in young Meets world who wrote a women’s story, and a serial rapist in legislation & Order: unique Victims Unit.

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He was actors as a gay vulnerable in the Netflix collection Friends from College. The series was a success and received an excellent reviews. Since 2018, he has hosted boy Support, a game present on ABC, together with Ricky Gervais.

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Fred Savage is additionally a respect director. He learned the craft together a zero jumper and learned indigenous Todd Holland, James Burrow, and Amy Sherman-Palladino. He has actually directed several episodes the Drake & Josh, That’s so Raven, 2 damaged Gils, Hannah Montana, Wizards that Waverly Place, and modern-day Family. The was additionally nominated for a director Guild Award because that his occupational on Phil that The Future. The made his function film directing debut in 2007 v the movie Daddy job Camp.

He also served as a producer because that The stunner Ones, Happy Endings, Party Down, It’s constantly Sunny In Philadelphia, and also Friends through Benefits.

He right now ranks 27th ~ above the VH1 perform of the 100 greatest child stars.

Fred Savage Bio (Age)

Fred Aaron Savage to be born ~ above July 9, 1976, in Chicago, Illinois, the kid of Lewis and Joanne Savage. His father to be an industrial real heritage agent and also consultant. Return he to be born in Chicago, he flourished up in Glencoe before the family moved to California. He attended the Brentwood School, a personal co-educational day school in the Westside area of Los Angeles. He later attended Stanford University, i beg your pardon he i graduated from in 1999 v a Bachelor’s level in English. Throughout his studies, he to be a member that the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity.

He thrived up in a reform Jewish household. His grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Latvia, Germany, Poland, and also Ukraine.

Family – brother & Sister

Fred comes from a specifically gifted family. His younger brother is Ben Savage, ideal known because that his duty as Cory Matthews in boy Meets World, an abc sitcom. He likewise played the role again in Girl Meets World, a Disney Channel sequel to guys Meets World.

Fred’s younger sister is Kala Savage, an actress that starred in 8 straightforward Rules, Undressed, and Santa Barbara.

Is Fred Savage Married? – Wife, Kids

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Fred Savage is no longer single, the married his childhood girlfriend Jennifer Lynn rock in 2004. The duo has actually three youngsters together. Your son, Oliver Savage, was born on respectable 5, 2006. Their 2nd son, Auggie, was born top top November 26, 2012, and also their daughter, Lily Aerin, was born on might 3, 2008.

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Is that Gay?

When someone grow up in public, the public feels entitled to their an individual life. Legitimate enough to speculate even if it is or not a celebrity is gay or heterosexual. The was the situation with Fred Savage. Gift on television due to the fact that childhood, he became the topic of constant speculation in the media, indigenous his sexuality to the world he was with.

For those who room still curious: Fred Savage is straight, no gay. That is at this time married and also has children.

Height, load & body Measurements

Fred Savage at this time weighs 76 kg (168 lbs) and also his elevation is proclaimed as 178 cm (5 ft 8 in). His other body measurements are currently not listed.

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His occupational schedules and diets are likewise not noted anywhere, yet it can be assumed the the actor eats healthily and also exercises regularly to preserve his physique.