During his decorated, nine-year NBA career, Manu Ginobili has actually grown to become a polarizing number in the human being of sports.

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You either love his distinct drives to the hoop, huge heart and also winning resume, or friend dismiss him together just an additional flopper ~ above a “boring” spurs team that complains also much. In a monster way, this is undoubtedly a authorize that a player has actually risen come greatness, as evidenced by the many fans that adore him (Spurs fans and the natives of Manu’s home nation Argentina, in this case) and those that despise the (a many Lakers and also Suns fans, i’m sure).

Now, much like teammate Tim Duncan, Manu is unquestionably in the middle of his last few years that his career, and also many analysts and commentators will start to carry up the question regarding if Manu have to be an instant lock for the room of Fame like Timmy.

Consider this appropriate off the bat—he is among two basketball football player (the various other being bill Bradley) in background to victory a Euroleague championship, an NBA championship and also an Olympic yellow medal. This is an immense feat and also one that must not it is in taken lightly. That stat in a nutshell reflects what kind of player Manu is; a true winner who has proven come be proficient on every level the basketball.

Not only has actually he won simply one NBA championship, he has won three. Not the “Oh, hey guys. I’ll simply tag follow me for the ride” sort of rings the Adam Morrison won twice throughout his stint with the Lakers. Manu verified to be one of the most necessary players ~ above the Spurs during each and every location they won throughout the "00s.


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Whether it was some shocking, ballsy moves to the hoop that required him to take it a tumble each time (earning him the nickname “El Contusion”) or his big-time shots in the playoffs in 2005 that made countless Spurs fans think his dominance rested in his Samson-like locks, Ginobili’s fearlessness has never been questioned.

In enhancement to being a Sixth man of the Year and also All-Team NBA third-team an option in 2008, Ginobili’s name was additionally tossed around as a potential MVP candidate throughout the early on stages the the 2010-2011 season.

It has nearly come under to the allude where you ask, “What more does he have to do?” once you look at it indigenous a statistics and awards point of view, the man has done pretty lot everything.

It is not just the history of win he has actually amassed end his prolonged career that has actually won Manu so numerous fans, yet it is how he has completed all that this. Think about the Lakers-Spurs video game on in march 5th, as soon as the Lakers ruined the spur on their house court. There was a short moment whereby Kobe Bryant and Ginobili obtained into a little scuffle, instigated through a Bryant push. Rather of swatting back, Ginobili cautiously walked far from the scene. Some might consider this cowardice in the sense that “you need to stand up for yourself!” but others check out it as keeping your composure at every times, even when the score is lopsided.

Let me just say from personal experience the if someone pushes girlfriend or make the efforts to start something v you, that is nearly instinctive the you do or say something back.

Some movie critics might insurance claim that Manu has never been the “go-to guy” top top his team and also thus, that is not Hall of Fame-worthy. After all, the brightest stars should only be permitted entrance into that domed, unmistakably important-looking building located in Springfield, Mass., and Manu has mostly to be a 2nd fiddle all his career with the Spurs, right?

Nothing might be additional from the truth. When the Spurs space still irrefutably Tim Duncan’s team and constantly will be until he hangs his shoes up, Manu has created himself together a bona fide star in the league who deserve to take over a game just as conveniently as Tim can (and Tony Parker too, for that matter).

To placed it simply, Manu is one of those men you love to have on your team, yet absolutely cannot was standing if the is not on your team (while covertly loving the idea of that on her team). In a warped way, this is absolutely a type of respect that cannot walk unnoticed.

Perhaps it is the snarling and hysterical head coach of the Spurs, Gregg Popovich who said it ideal when asked about Ginobili’s result on his team, saying “We would have two much less championships right here if it was no for Manu Ginobili. In my eyes, he is the stud of the world.”

You will surely uncover a many Spurs fans that concur through that assessment together well.

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For his on-court accomplishments, calm and cool demeanor, professionalism on and off the court, and ability to success it every at any kind of level presented to him, Manu Ginobili should and also will make the NBA room of fame one day as soon as it is every said and also done.