____________ is output per hour in the company sector.A.) Net exportsB.) ProductivityC.) InvestmentD.) GDP per capita
In the lengthy run, the most necessary resource of rise in a nation"s conventional of living is a:A.) zero price of populace expansion.B.) high price of economic expansion.C.) high rate of consumption.D.) high price of labor pressure expansion.

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To attain a high traditional of living, a nation should:A.) boost the taxes deduction for child dependents.B.) promote economic growth.C.) use less funding and even more labor in the manufacturing procedure.D.) boost welfare payments to the poor.
In macrobusiness economics, the link from inputs to outputs for the entire economy is dubbed ____________.A.) a production functionB.) an accumulation production functionC.) human capitalD.) physical capital
__________________________ is a term which refers to the widespreview use of power-pushed machinery and also the financial and social transforms that brought about the first half of the 1800s.A.) GDP per capitaB.) The Industrial RevolutionC.) The living standardD.) Investment and inventions
Which of the complying with best defines the relationship in between financial expansion and literacy?A.) As the economic situation grows, proficiency declines bereason it becomes much less and also much less beneficial in a occurred economic situation.B.) Increased proficiency initially stimulates economic growth by raising labor performance, yet as the economic situation grows and also the opportunity cost of education and learning rises, proficiency declines.C.) Increased proficiency stimulates economic expansion by elevating labor performance, and also as the economy grows, civilization consume more education and learning.D.) There is no correlation between financial expansion and also proficiency.
C.) Increased proficiency stimulates financial development by raising labor efficiency, and also as the economic climate grows, human being consume more education.
Which of the complying with factors add to financial growth?A.) a rise in the average wage rate passist to workersB.) an increase in the typical of livingC.) a decrease in the productivity of laborD.) an increase in the propercent of the populace that is college educated
Economists typically measure financial expansion by tracking:A.) the employment rate.B.) the joblessness rate.C.) averaged GDP growthD.) real GDP per capita.

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When stating financial development, it is regularly advantageous to focus on _________________, to prevent examining alters in the size of GDP that reexisting just having actually even more human being in the economic climate, and focus on those increases in GDP which reexisting an actual climb in the standard of living on a per perchild basis.A.) financial growthB.) GDP per capita.C.) living standardsD.) consumption and also expenditures
Investment in huguy capital:A.) is of minor importance to economic expansion.B.) deserve to be gained through on-the-project training.C.) is an essential source of economic development.D.) is identified by both b) and c).
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