The motion of organisms into a given area from another area is referred to as ____.

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immigration p. 1172
When organisms leave a specific area, the activity is dubbed ___.emigration p. 1172
For a population to grow, the ____ should be bigger 보다 the ____birthrate have to be larger than the deathrate (assuming no immigrant or emigration) p. 1176
The variety of individuals per unit area or volume is a population’s ____.density p. 1171
Logistic growth occurs when a population’s growth __________ , after ~ a period of quick growth.slows under or stops p. 1177-1178
Under ideal conditions with countless resources, a populace will prosper _____.exponentially p. 1176
The graph of exponential populace growth is defines as a(n) _____-shaped curve.J-shaped curve p. 1176
The graph the logistical population growth is explained as a(n) _____-shaped curve.S-shaped curve p. 1178
Which type of populace growth go this graph show?, Exponential growth (Can only happens under ideal conditions with countless space, food and also no predators) p. 1176,
Which form of populace growth does this graph show?, Logistic growth p. 1178,
At which suggest in the graph listed below is the population growth price accelerating?, Point A (The graph line have to be much more curved in an increase direction. It looks a small too linear, but I had actually a hard time illustration it that way) p. 1178,
At which suggest in the graph below is the populace growth price the highest?, The populace growth "rate" is the highest at allude B. (You deserve to determine the expansion rate by finding the steep of the line tangent come the curve. Remember, steep = rise split by run. In this case, the rise is the present population. The operation is time. Dividing populace by time provides you the populace growth "rate.") p. 1178,
At which point in the graph listed below is the populace growth rate starting to slow down?, Point C p. 1178,
At which point in the graph below is the populace the highest?, The populace is the highest at allude D (look follow me the y-axis) p. 1178,
At which point on the graph below is the populace growth rate the lowest?, The populace growth price is shortest at suggest D (notice that the population, also though the is in ~ its highest, has actually stopped growing) p. 1178,
At which point in the graph below is the populace at the carrying capacity?, The population has reached the moving capacity at allude D. Remember, the transporting capacity is the maximum variety of individuals the the setting can support. P. 1178,
_______ is the study of the critical statistics of populations and how they change over time.Demography p. 1173
What occurred to human populace growth approximately 1650 A.D.?Human population started growing much more rapidly. (It really started taking turn off in one exponential fashion approximately the begin of the industrial revolution in the early 1800's) p. 1187
In human being populations, ____ is a adjust from high bear rates and high death rates to low birth rates and also low fatality rates.demographic change p. 1188
In human being populations, the first stage of demographic change is characterized by ___.low death rate and high birth price (Before the shift starts, you have actually high birth rates and high death rates. 3rd world countries start the demographic change when health care and sanitation improve, decreasing the fatality rate) p. 1188
In person populations, demographic shift begins transforms in culture that ___.lower the fatality rate p. 1188
Which of these two age structure diagrams shows the usual human period structure of a usual third-world country?, A p. 1189,
Which of this two age structure diagrams mirrors the typical human period structure the a first world modernized country?, B p. 1189,
The period structure chart on the left reflects a ____ birth rate and a ____ death rate., high birth rate and high fatality rate. P. 1189,
The age structure chart on the right reflects a ____ birth rate and a ____ fatality rate., low bear rate and also low fatality rate. P. 1189,
_____ is the pattern of spacing among individuals in ~ the borders of the population.Dispersion p. 1171
Which two approaches for estimating population size space most typically used through scientists? Under what scenarios would you usage each one?The sample plot an approach is supplied when the organisms are unlikely to relocate much (like trees). The mark-recapture method is provided when individuals move around frequently (like fish). P. 1171 and also the activity called "Techniques because that Estimating population Density and Size "
What is a feasible source that error that should be bring away into consideration when making use of the mark-recapture an approach for estimating population size?A potential resource of error for the mark-recapture technique is the opportunity that already marked individuals may be less likely to be trapped again if they come to be wary of the traps, or more likely to be recaptured again if they establish they have the right to get free food and also be released unharmed. P. 1171
The graph below shows population fluctuation typical of a(n) _____ relationship., predator-prey p. 1185,
Which country below is likely to suffer a decline in populace due come its age structure?, Italy. An alert the small percentage of young world in the population. As they with child-baring age, the country's birth price is likely to fall. Whereas Afghanistan has a huge proportion the its populace in child-baring or soon to be child-baring period categories and will likely see rapid population growth uneven war and famine reason the death rate to match the birth rate. P. 1189,
Which form of dispersion sample is shown below and also which factors may account because that this type of dispersion?, Clumped dispersion. Communal living explains clumped dispersion in wolf populations. Other varieties of organisms might be clumped in certain microhabitats, such together fungi. The mating habits of particular insects may explain a swarm that clumps large numbers of individuals together. P. 1172,
Which type of dispersion pattern is shown below and which factors may account because that this kind of dispersion?, Uniform dispersion. Organisms the exhibit territoriality, or tree that offer off chemicals to inhibit development of bordering plants frequently times have uniform distribution. P. 1172,
Which form of dispersion sample is shown below and which factors may account for this form of dispersion?, Random dispersion. Wake up in the absence of solid attraction or repulsion amongst individuals in the population or a uniform environment. In this case, the dandelions seeds were puffy randomly throughout the field. P. 1173,
A life background in which adult produce big numbers the offspring over numerous years is referred to as _____ or ______.iteroparity (or recurring reproduction) p. 1180
The research of how complicated interactions between biotic and abiotic components influence variations in populace size.population dynamics p. 1184
A plot that the number of members of a cohort that space still alive at every age. One way to graphically stand for age-specific mortality.survivorship curve p. 1173,
Which survivorship curve would represent the person species? i beg your pardon would represent a usual fish species?, Humans would be kind I because of their relatively high infant survival rate. Fish would be type III because most lay countless eggs and generally don't guard lock or defend the juveniles, so most fish are eaten when they are small, if they even regulate to make it out of their egg. P. 1174,
Selection the favors life background traits the maximize reproduction in uncrowded environments are dubbed ____ choice or density-____.r-selection or density-independent selection p. 1181
Selection that favors life-history characteristics that permit for survive under overfilled competitive conditions is recognized as ____ an option or density-____.K-selection or density-dependent choice p. 1181
A duration of security in population size, when the every capita birth rate and death rate are equal.Zero population growth (ZPG) p. 1176
The maximum populace size that can be sustained by the easily accessible resources, symbolized as K.carrying capacity p. 1177
The lot of land required by a person, city, or country to support their needs, consisting of food production, water acquisition, and waste disposal..ecological footprint p. 1190
A common person in a contemporary industrialized nation like the U.S. Uses around ____ times as much energy as the average human in main Africa does.30 times (This is due to the truth that human being in wealthier nations buy a lot of stuff. Stuff calls for a lot of of energy to manufacture and get come the store) p. 1190
A team of populations that are attached due to high rates of emigration and immigration.meta-population p. 1186
The examine of populaces in relation to the environment, including environmental influences on population density and also distribution, age structure, and variations in population size.population ecology p. 1170
A dispersion pattern in which individuals are aggregated in patches.clumped dispersion p. 1172
Referring to any kind of characteristic the varies follow to rise in populace density.density-dependent p. 1182
A version describing population growth the levels off as populace size philosophies carrying capacity.logistic population growth p. 1177
A actions in i beg your pardon an pet defends a bounded physical space against encroachment by various other individuals, generally of its own species.territoriality p. 1172
A(n) ______ is group of people of the same period that space studied for a long period of time.cohort p. 1173
A(n) ______ table is an age-specific summary of the survive pattern the a table p. 1173
A life background in which adult have but a solitary reproductive chance to produce large numbers of offspring is dubbed _____ or ______.semelparity (or big-bang reproduction) p. 1180
The variety of infant deaths per 1,000 live births is described as _____.infant mortality p. 1189
Referring to any type of characteristic the is not impacted by population density.density-independent p. 1182
The relative variety of individuals the each period in a populace is recognized as the population's _____.age structure p. 1188
Disease is a density-_____ element that limits population growth.density-dependent p. 1182
Harsh winters would certainly be considered as density-______ factors that limit populace growth.density-independent p. 1182
Situations in i m sorry a populace that is too small makes the harder for the remaining people to survive, such as a lone tree now exposed come high winds, or an animal that has a difficult time recognize a mate, is referred to as the ____ effect.Allee impact p. 1178
A(n) _______ is a team of people of a solitary species life in the same general area.population p. 1170
A(n) _____ table is one age-specific an introduction of the reproductive prices in a populace showing how those reproductive rates adjust as females obtain older.reproductive table p. 1174
Exponential populace growth is likewise known as _______ populace growth.geometric p. 1176
Geometric population growth is additionally known together _______ populace growth.exponential p. 1176
Which type of life history reproductive strategy (semelparity or iteroparity) would be favored in very variable, unpredictable environments?Semelparity (In unpredictable environments, the odds that the offspring live, or even that the parent resides long enough to reproduce an ext than once, are lower, therefore it makes evolutionary sense to blee as many offspring as feasible in the "one-shot" pattern of big-bang reproduction that is recognized as semelparity) p. 1180
Which kind of life background reproductive strategy (semelparity or iteroparity) would certainly be favored in stable, predictable environments?Iteroparity (In predictable environments, parental are more likely to have the ability to survive and also reproduce again, however competition for resources is fierce since the populace is most likely to be close to transporting capacity. Therefore, that is a better strategy to have fewer offspring and put an ext energy into taking care of them, or making fewer but larger eggs with much more nutrients therefore the offspring are bigger and better able to take treatment of us at birth) p. 1180
The ________ describes a period of time instantly after human being War II, where more people to be born 보다 average because couples hosted off having kids during the war (because numerous of the males in the United claims were abroad fighting). Due to the fact that of this, over there is a bulge in the age structure diagram of the United claims in the age groups currently nearing retirement age (see diagram below). This is just one of the key reasons ours social security program is in trouble, together many human being are going to start collecting social protection without the big numbers the younger working civilization to salary the count that have actually historically sustained the payment of society security and health care to retired people. Another problem is that world are life longer and also longer ~ retirement., baby boom p. 1188,
In nations where child mortality is _____, parents are likely to have more children.

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high (They do this in order to ensure the at least some children will survive. Infant mortality has tendency to it is in high in poorer countries, which is why birth-rates tend to be high in poorer countries. Many poorer countries don't have actually social defense systems come take care of old people, so if you don't have children to aid take treatment of friend in her old age, you space pretty much on her own) p. 1189
What is the existing human population of the earth (to the nearest billion)?7 billion (The publication says 6.8 billion, but because this publication was published, it has actually gone over 7 billion. This is quite scary considering that as soon as Mr. McGee was your age, there were only around 4.5 billion people on the planet) p. 1187
The word source "co-" method = together (cohort: a group of individuals of the very same age, indigenous birth until all space dead)