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Shawn Wayans make his acting debut in 1989 in his brother Keenen cream color Wayans’ function film i’m Gonna acquire You Sucka. Immediately following his function film debut, Shawn joined the actors of the Emmy compensation winning comedy series, In living Color.

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Shawn starred in package office hits, small Man and also White Chicks, both of i beg your pardon he likewise co-wrote and also co-executive produced. Shawn started co-writing his string of blockbusters with the quit Scary Movie whereby he likewise played Ray, one ambiguously happy football jock, alongside his brothers Marlon Wayans and directed through Keenen ivory Wayans. Co-written, co-executive produced by and starring Shawn Wayans, Scary Movie 2 was the only sequel in the Scary Movie franchise with direct Wayans involvement. Shawn deserve to be viewed on the large screen in dance Flick, co-written through brothers Marlon and Keenen Ivory and also premiered in February 2009.

Shawn’s past film credits incorporate the hit comedy nothing Be a Menace come South central While Drinking her Juice in The Hood, which the co-wrote, executive, management produced and starred in v brother Marlon Wayans. The movie to be a comic spoof of the coming-of-age-in-the- ‘hood movies and is a large cult favorite.

The Wayans Bros. Sitcom, i m sorry Shawn and also Marlon created and starred in, to be the an initial WB present to it is in sold right into syndication ~ heading increase the WB network lineup for five years.

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Shawn, along with his brothers and also sisters, created Thugaboo and the subsequent Boo Crew animated specials for Nickelodeon, which began premiering in august 2006. In addition to creating, the Wayans are likewise writing, directing and also voicing the series, which takes a feeling look at the trials and also tribulations of nine inner city kids. TheBooCrew.com exit in the loss 2009 and plans space underway to rotate The Boo Crew into a everyday comic strip.

When not on the road performing standup, Shawn have the right to be uncovered hard at work in the “lab” where he and his brothers room busy concocting their following project. Visit: https://twitter.com/shawn_wayans?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor