Get ready for one more hair-raising adventure when Poppy, Branch and all their Trolls friends concerned life on stage inTrolls LIVE!,their an initial ever live tour!The journey begins whenthe Trolls’ Hug Time is unexpectedly placed at risk. Understanding that the only way to conserve it is by doing what the Trolls carry out best, Poppy hosts a toe-tapping, Trolls-tastic show! Poppy, Branch, Cooper, Cloud Guy, Smidge, male Diamond, Fuzzbert, Biggie (and of course Mr. Dinkles) invite you right into the colorful civilization of Trolls town for this interaction performance, jam-packed through all the music, glitter, humor and happiness that just the Trolls have the right to create. This is one Trolls party girlfriend won’t desire to miss!







Queen Poppy is the ever-positive leader that the Trolls community. She’s kind, energetic, enthusiastic, and committed to helping all those around her. She loves to sing, hug and also scrapbook, and she never gives up when someone’s in need. Her limitless optimism comes with a bit of stubbornness as this figured out Queen is not afraid to stand up for her friends and her beliefs.

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Branch often wonders if he’s the only sane individual in a town full of exuberantly happy Trolls. A reforming recluse constantly prepared for danger, Branch is learning to take on his inner Troll for this reason his true colors can shine.

Biggie & Mr. Dinkles

Biggie is the most soft-spoken Troll in the town and a loyal and also proud girlfriend to Poppy. He’s a hilarious contrast to his the next friend, a worm called Mr. Dinkles v a little of an mindset (“Oh, snap!”)

Guy Diamond

Guy Diamond is ambitious, cheeky, and just a small bit vain. His music voice and also propensity to shower everything and everyone v glitter make him a great addition to any party.

Satin & Chenille

Satin and Chenille space the many fashion-forward members the the Trolls village and help to make it a hip place to live.


Cooper is happy-go-lucky with a goofy grin plastered permanently top top his face. The produces cupcakes, in a an extremely interesting means and loves stunner parties.


Smidge is fiercely loyal to Poppy. She’s also one the the strongest Trolls and also can pump major iron with her bright blue hair.


An enigma covering in a riddle, Fuzzbert is a Troll that’s made entirely of hair – just his 2 feet space visible in ~ a tuft of bright green Troll hair. That communicates with the other Trolls utilizing grunts (which they all seem come understand just fine!).

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Cloud Guy

Cloud guy is a tiny mysterious and also a many cumulus. At sight cool and willing to help out, for a high-five that is. The enjoys teasing Branch and also is constantly looking for new and an imaginative ways to develop mischief.