With the new Resident Evil update coming to The Division 2, we thought we"d let you know the state of the game"s crossplay.

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The Division 2 launched back in 2019 from Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment and is the sequel to The Division. Recently, Ubisoft has announced that the game is getting a new title update that introduces some Resident Evil apparel to mark the 25th anniversary of Capcom’s horror franchise. While the servers are undergoing maintenance, we figured that you’d be anticipating jumping on, throwing on that apparel, and trying to play with friends. But with The Division 2 crossplay being a weird system, we thought we’d quickly explain who you can play with on other platforms.

The short answer is that only PC players and Stadia players can play together through The Division 2 crossplay features. If you’re on other platforms, you’ll be restricted to playing with other players on whichever platform you’re on. Sadly, the new update that’s being applied today doesn’t seem to add any crossplay elements according to the patch notes. As a result, if you’re wanting to activate crossplay for your Stadia or PC version of the game, then it’s fairly simple to do so.


For PC players, crossplay is enabled by default, with the ability to disable it if you wish. For those running on Stadia, you’ll need to first ensure that your Ubisoft account and Stadia accounts are linked up. From there, The Division 2 crossplay should be enabled by default. Although if you want to opt-out, you can disable this through the options.

You’ll likely notice other player names with an icon next to them. This indicates what platform they’re playing on. This includes PC icons and Stadia icons. Although it’s worth pointing out that if you’re not going to have the feature enabled, you won’t be able to matchmake or group up with the other platform. However, when entering certain areas, such as Dark Zone, you’ll still come across players from the other platform.

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For now, it’s looking like that The Division 2 crossplay has no plans to expand to other platforms, but hopefully, it’s something Ubisoft is looking to introduce in the future. Additionally, news that Stadia is moving away from video game development and sticking with supporting third-party titles broke last night and hopefully it’s not signalling the end of the platform’s existence. Although Google seems dedicated to continuing to support its player base.