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Episode 76: it Could’ve been Great


Mainly, the illustration feels actual short. The Answerand Steven’s Birthdayand message Receivedhave a lot going on, however It Could’ve to be Greatis essentially an great song and then a pack of setup. We gain that setup in a cool brand-new environment and also with part nifty stare tricks, yet it’s tho an illustration defined more by exposition 보다 an emotionally arc. It simply feels favor the an initial half of something; ns mean, it is the first half the something, yet Mirror Gemand The Returnare too, and also are far an ext complete on your own. Even Cry for help gets a resolution the sorts in ~ its non-ending ending by addressing the an obstacle of life’s absence of easy resolutions.

It Could’ve to be Greatis quiet decent, largelybecause the table setup that it’s constructed upon never feels clumsy or boring. Even the explanation for why Steven floats on the moon flows naturally: Amethyst is not just the Gem most interested in goofing around, however the only one who’s never ever left Earth, so she nicely prompts the discussion. And exposition allows Peridot it is in snobby again after the sweetness of Peace and also Love ~ above the planet Earth. Choose the Pearlsplaining days of yore, the crew turns what could be a rote infodump right into something that characterizes the speaker.

Moreover, we aren’t just setup up because that what these characters are about to do. No, this is a hugeepisode in regards to the better lore, beginning with the truth that we finally hear the good Diamond Authority referred to by name—too negative Ronaldo is grounding on planet (but not really (but I in reality would favor to see him in space at one point (but no now))). We’ve seen the Diamond authority emblem before, periodically with the pink segment damaged, but its prominence right here all yet confirms the the last two Diamonds space Pink and also White. Moreover, we view what have to be White Diamond in the background together they climb, ominously wreathed by an ext planets than Blue or Yellow, leaving Pink the only unseen member the the quartet.


(Huh, ns wonder what Pearl thinks of this evil arrangement to damage Earth? give thanks to goodness the heroic rose Quartz was there to avoid her archenemy Pink Diamond native going v with it.)

Peridot’s trouble is the she still thinks stripping earth bare is a much better alternative come its existing trajectory. Component of this is the principles she’s been conditioned to think her whole life, valuing Gemkind above all else. And component of this is a feeling that the organic life ~ above the earth is doomed anyway, therefore the gems might also have offered it because that themselves. But in between her blunt absence of filter and genuine excitement about the horrific mutation of Earth, the decision Gems have every right to it is in upset. And also then she goes and also bashes increased Quartz if unknowingly standing on her very own chair.

It’s a heat she hadn’t crossed before, and also the worst part is the she’s actually, uh, right. Logically speaking. If Peridot hadn’t warned the decision Gems around the Cluster, Pink’s battle would have traded the stays of one untold lot of brand-new Gems for a few measly millennia of necessary life just for every one of it to die prematurely regardless. It’s telling that Garnet meets this logic with an emotional display of force, quite than any type of sort of counterargument; win a fact-based debate with far better facts would do nothing to resolve Peridot’s problem, i m sorry is her overreliance top top logic. And also it’s vital to collection this worldview increase so the she deserve to be allow down v Yellow Diamond, paragon of logic, transforms out to be simply as emotional together the decision Gems.


There’s honestly not that much else to say around It Could’ve to be Great. The setup is great, yet it’s almost allsetup. Us do get a weird minute of Pearl being super showy in she monologue around the Diamond Base’s location, only to closeup of the door Steven down once he matches she enthusiasm. So that’s something? and Lion is pertinent to the plot for the first time in a while—out the the 26-29 episodes of Season 2 (depending on whether you countOpen Book, shirt Club, and also Story for Steven), Lion appears in a grand full of six, and roartal hopping to the moon is by far his biggest moment that the season.

The an excellent news is that there’s a tonto say around Message Received, but this is an episode-by-episode reviewing format, and also as such ns gotta to speak I’m a tiny disappointed. Together, it Could’ve been Greatand blog post Receivedare spectacular, but when among them just stops there is no resolving, it just


Future Vision!

The cluster was put beneath the Beta Kindergarten, which supposedly is in the American Southwest and also is much much less impressive than Amethyst’s. Probably one day we’ll check out it and/or have a Wile E. Coyote cartoon set there?Amethyst practically blows the decision Gems out of the Moon Base, yet it’s Garnet and also Pearl (as Sardonyx) who room Steven in companion episodeBack come the Moon.Jungle Moon is one eerie and also distant sequel the retroactively renders the projected to plan for earth somehow feel even an ext sinister.When Peridot is do the efforts to do the stairs appear, they happen to start working the moment Pearl approaches. Virtually as if she’d been there before.We’ll see much more of the secret ignored room in Can’t go Backand now We’re only Falling Apart. Transforms out it’s offered for spying! just don’t call it spying, that would make Lapis feel bad.

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We’re the one, we’re the ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

This is a similar episode come Beta, where regardless of a conclusion the left me wanting, it’s salvaged by very early Peridot-centric sequence the ranks amongst the finest scenes in the series.It Could’ve been Greatcould’ve to be great, however it’s still pretty good.

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