IVANKA TRUMP, an elderly advisor and "first daughter" to the American President, Donald Trump, was spotted leaving she Washington house in a sage green shirt dress with a matching mask, the morning after ~ standing by she father"s side at the Republican nationwide naipublishers.comnvention.

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Ivanka Trump has actually been seen wearing this dress on multiple occasions (Image: Getty)

The mask had ideas of environment-friendly in the to match the sage environment-friendly dress and autumnal naipublishers.comlours consisting of brown and orange.

Keeping the emphasis on her standard dress, Ivanka combine the look with muted nude pumps v a tiny heel.

She was additionally carrying a cream leather clutch by she side.

Ivanka had previously worn the pale environment-friendly dress in 2018 for an interview top top CNBC, where she discussed a job training programme v Joe Kernen.

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For accessories, Ivanka retained it very an easy with corresponding green earrings i beg your pardon naipublishers.comuld be seen peeking the end from underneath her glossy hair.

Ivanka also had on a red wire bracelet on her left wrist, i m sorry she has been put on off and also on because that a few years now.

Her sleek blonde hair to be straightened and also parted in the middle, a hairstyle she is an extremely well recognized for and the same format she sported at the Republican nationwide naipublishers.comnvention in 2016.

However the face mask is a brand-new addition come Ivanka’s outfits as she led to a social media storm v her figure on Monday for no wearing a protective face naipublishers.comvering.


Ivanka Trump: The dress functions slit sleeves which offers a cape like effect (Image: Getty)


Posting around the outing on Instagram ~ above Monday, Ivanka wrote: “Our farmer to households Food box Program has fed an ext than 100 Million meals to people since its launch just weeks earlier in response to naipublishers.comVID-19.

“Today, the chairman naipublishers.commmitted $1 Billion more to this historic program — a large win because that the American people.”

Ivanka wore a white dress from Lela rose with a blue floral pattern, paired v white stiletto sandals.

The dress is on sale for a lining £1,500 however the an initial Daughter failed to team it through a challenge mask.

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The dress reached just over her knees through buttons down the centre (Image: Getty)

Her hair was additionally parted in the middle with the flowing simply over her shoulders with a slight tide to it.

She teamed the look v the very same red cable bracelet and a white ruffle handbag by designer Max Mara, naipublishers.comsting $1,540 (£1,170).

She made decision to go all out v the eye makeup, modelling bold eyeshadow naipublishers.commplete with plenty the mascara, a not so continuous look for Ivanka who often tends to store her assembly neutral and minimal.

Social media customers were vital of the outfit together Ivanka saw the food manufacturing site in phibìc Carolina v her father.

One naipublishers.commment on she Instagram post read: “Do you civilization own masks?”

Another said: “Wear a mask next time.”

“Where room the masks?”, a 3rd naipublishers.commmented.

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