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Jaana Na Dil Se DoorGenreCreated byWritten byDirected byStarringCountry of originOriginal language(s)No. of seasonsNo. of episodesProductionProducer(s)Production location(s)Production company(s)ReleaseOriginal networkPicture formatOriginal releaseExternal links
Prateek SharmaStar India Pvt. Ltd.
Mrinal JhaShilpa F D"Mello
Rahib Siddiqui,Jagrut Mehta
Yash A PatnaikMamta Yash Patnaik
Beyond Dreams EntertainmentInspire Films Private Limited
Star Plus
May 9, 2016 –June 30, 2017

Jaana Na Dil Se Door (English: Don"t Go Away From My Heart) is an Indiantelevision series which aired on Star Plus from 9 May 2016 to 30 June 2017. It was produced by Beyond Dreams Production House. The show stars<1><2>Shivani Surve and Vikram Singh Chauhan in lead roles.
Jaana Na Dil Se Door was translated into Malayalam as the third part of the series Mounam Sammatham, which ended on 7 September 2017.
Vividha (Shivani Surve) lives in Ajmer with her father, Kailash Kashyap (Vineet Kumar). She idolizes her father. Kailash strongly believes in establishing relationships between people belonging to the same social status. Vividha falls in love with Atharva (Vikram Singh Chauhan), a milkman, and Kailash opposes the alliance. Sujata (Shilpa Tulaskar) has been a single mother to Atharva after his father, Ramakant Vashisht (Prashant Bhatt) was shown to be MIA by the Indian army. He returns to the family, and promises Sujata to help unite Atharva and Vividha. In a twist of fate, he dies and Kailash takes advantage of the situation to announce that Ramakant wished Vividha to marry Ravish (Shashank Vyas), a honest, brave, and selfless army officer. Ravish is the son of Ramakant from his second wife, making Atharva and Ravish step-brothers. Uma, the mother of Vividha, foils her father"s plan by telling Vividha the truth, and asks her to run away to Atharva who was waiting at the temple. Kailash discovers the plan and gets Atharva beaten by goons. To save Atharva, Vividha accepts her father"s wish to marry Ravish. Post her marriage, she behaves rudely with Ravish and her in-laws family but with time seeing Ravish"s goodness feels guilty of rudely behaving with him and starts behaving with good and his family but does not tell Ravish the truth of her affair with Atharva . Ravish is shown to be falling in love with Vividha.

It is later revealed that Ravish had saved Atharva, and gave refuge to him and his mother. However, Atharva has lost his mental balance. Kailash is shown to be missing. Vividha decides to help Atharva Atharva"s mother tells Ravish about Vividha"s relationship with Atharva. Ravish is heartbroken but decides to help Vividha and Atharva and reveals the truth to the family. On knowing the truth, the mother of Ravish, Suman Vashishth (Smita Bansal) wants to throw Atharva and his mother but Ravish convinces her otherwise. Sub-plots of Guddi and Zeenat complicates the problems for Ravish. In a terrorist attack, Atharva is found to be missing and Vividha is heartbroken, and she also decides to divorce Ravish. Atharva returns after a while with his memory restored, and Vividha decides to return with him to Ajmer. Divorce happens and the marriage of Vividha and Atharva is fixed, but on the day of the wedding, Atharva runs away. Heartbroken, she begs Ravish to give their marriage another chance, and also because she is pregnant. Ravish and Vividha remarry.
Vividha gives birth to Atharav’s child, Khushi but her father takes away from hospital and later she Ravish have a son named Madhav. Atharva is a successful entrepreneur, Guddi and Suman is shown to be living with them. Madhav suffers from a rare disease and Vividha reconnects with Atharva to gain his DNA sample. Sujata gets arrested for killing Suman, who was trying to kill Atharva herself. Ravish forgives Sujata hence freeing her from punishment. After more twists and turns, Vividha wants to return to Atharva and breaks her marriage with Ravish. So, Ravish and Vividha gets divorced and Atharav and Vividha gets married.
Ravish hits a lady by accident and brings her to his home. Having lost her memory, his family members name her Kangana (Sara Khan). Later, it is revealed that Kangana is actually Tara who thought that she is mother of Madhav. Vividha comes to know that her father had actually stole her child, Khushi and Tara has come to claim her son but Vividha denies to part with her son. Later on, Tara accepts that Madhav is Vividha and Ravish’s child. Guddi falls in love with Ravish and wants to marry him but Ravish marries Tara.
Vividha finds Kailash in a temple, in a bad condition, and brings him back home. Atharva, Ravish, and Tara try to change her mind but she remains adamant. Kailash has been pretending all this while and the trio see through the ruse. One day, Kailash stabs Ravish in order to separate Vividha and Atharva, and kidnaps Madhav. Kailash blackmails so Vividha marries Vivek, a rich businessman, in return for Madhav but when Atharva reaches Ajmer in the nick of time and fights Kailash. Repentant, Kailash shoots himself. Vividha gives divorce to Vivek.
The serial moves three months ahead where the Kashyap are living happily with Vividha, Atharav, Khushi and Madhav. Vivek comes for Tara but she refuses to marry anyone else as she loves Ravish and wants to live her life with his memories.



Shivani Surve as Vividha Sujata-Kailash and Uma’s daughter, Guddi and Ankit’s sister, Atharav’s wife, Khushi and Madhav’s mother, Ravish and Vivek’s ex wife, Chintu’s ex girlfriend.Vikram Singh Chauhan as Atharav Sujata-Sujata and Ramakant’s illegitimate son, Ravish’s step brother, Vividha’s husband, Khushi’s father, Madhav’s step father.


Shilpa Tulaskar as Sujata-Atharv’s mother, Vividha’s mother-in-law, Khushi’s grandmother.Unknown as Khushi Sujata-Vividha and Atharav’s daughter.Kabir Shah as Madhav Sujata-Vividha and Ravish’s son, Atharav’s adoptive son.Sulakshna Khatri as Indumati Kashyap-Kailash’s mother; Uma’s mother-in-law; Vividha, Guddi and Ankit’s grandmother.Vineet Kumar as Kailash Kashyap-Indumati’s son; Uma’s husband; Vividha, Guddi and Ankit’s father; Atharav’s father-in-law.(dead)Aparna Ghoshal as Uma Kashyap-Kailash’s wife; Vividha, Guddi and Ankit’s mother; Atharav’s mother-in-law.Nidhi Shah/Priyanka Kandwal as Shweta Kashyap/Guddi-Kailash and Uma’s daughter, Vividha and Ankit’s sister; Atharav’s sister-in-law.Ruslaan Sayed as Ankit Kashyap-Kailash and Uma’s son, Vividha and Guddi’s brother, Atharav’s brother-in-law.<3>Prashant Bhatt as Ramakant Vashisth-Suman’s husband, Atharv and Ravish’s father, Vividha and Kangana’s father-in-law, Khushi and Madhav’s grandfather.<4>Smita Bansal as Suman Vashisth-Ramakant’s wife, Ravish’s mother, Vividha’s ex mother-in-law, Madhav’s grandmother, Kangana’s mother-in-law,Shashank Vyas as Captain Ravish Vashisth-Vividha’s ex husband, Madhav’s father, Kangana’s husband. <5>Sara Khan as Kangana Vashisth-Ravish’s wife.Surendra Pal as Colonel Vashisth-Khalindi’s husband, Vipul and Bhumi’s father.Aradhna Uppal as Kalindi Vashisth-Vipul and Bhumi’s mother, Ravish and Vividha’s Bua.Manmohan Tiwari as Vipul Vashisth-Khalindi’s son, Bhumi’s brother, Ravish and Vividha’s cousin.Bhavini Purohit as Bhumi Vashisth -Khalindi’s daughter, Vipul’s sister, Ravish and Vividha’s cousin.Maksood Akhtar as Abdul Chacha-Chintu’s father, Kailash’s friend.Parvez Magray as Chintu, Kailash"s friend"s son, pervert in nature.Sana Sayyad as AditiFiroza Khan as Aruna/ZeenatPalak Panchal as Chutki

Awards and nominations

Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Actor In A Negative RoleVineet KumarWon<6>Best Actor (Drama)Vikram Singh ChauhanNominated


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