Janelle Monae Robinson professionally well-known as Janelle Monae is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and model. She put her steps in her field with a conceptual EP title Metropolis: Suite ns (The Chase), the EP peaked at 115 on the Billboard 200 in the unified States.

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The 31-year-old American diva has managed to gain a good popularity across the human being through her works while she sometimes makes she news about her sexuality.

She is right now in a connection with one American Rapper MC Lyte. Know much more about she sexuality and relationship matters.

Know around Janelle Monae"s Sexuality, is She straight or Lesbian or Bisexual?

Well, us all understand Janelle is a famous actress and singer in the industry however you might be wondering to know around her sexuality. Actually, nearly everyone amongst those who know her wants to know about her sexuality. Let"s go deeper around the topic.


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Despite gift a media celebrity, Jenelle kept her personal information an extremely secretive in her past days, however, now she has thought come share something about herself. At the very least she has talked on the topic on i m sorry she was supposed to speak fairly before. Yes! about her sexuality.

According to some reports, she has actually tried to attend to her sexuality. She told, "Women room amazing...and so room guys. There is naught wrong with being bisexual, there is nothing wrong through being lesbian or gay. Ns am one advocate. I have actually friends who are in same-sex relationships and I feel love has actually no religious belief. Love is the purest and most crucial thing we have the right to possess for ourselves and for others


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In one interview in 2013, she proclaimed that she desires both men and women to "still be attractive to" and also she there likewise expressed that she support the LGBTQ community. However, we can"t case what she specifically is from her sexuality but it is pretty clear that she is not straight by gender.

Janelle Monae"s Affair with the hip Hop Star MC Lyte

The Moonlight actress Janelle is at this time living a solitary life as she is not watched hooked up through anyone. However, the American diva was as soon as in a connection with one American hip-hop star MC Lyte. She was linked in a relation because that sometimes.

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According come the Mediatakeout, Janelle was in a relation through Lyte during mid-2015. Throughout the time the couple shared a suite at Manhattan"s Greenwich hotel on-and-off.


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When she was asked even if it is she was then date a guy or a woman, climate look what she had actually to tell on that:

I store my an individual life very much to myself. I desire everybody to focus on mine music. I likewise don"t want to let anybody down. I want women to still be attracted to me. Go gain my album! ns want guys to still be attractive to me for this reason I need to be politics in this. So i can"t really tell y"all!

She told the she just dated androids throughout a 2011 interview with London night Standard. She additionally said,

"I speak about androids due to the fact that I think the android to represent the new "Other". You can compare that to gift a lesbian or gift a gay guy or being a black woman... What I want is for human being who feeling oppressed or feel like the "Other" to affix with the music and also to feel like, "She represents that I am."" She added that she would certainly talk about her sexual orientation "in early out time"