Picture this: it"s the beforehand rounds of your fantasy draft and also you"re in need of a wideout. The finest two football player at the optimal of the queue space Jarvis Landry and Amari Cooper. Nowhere"s the question: Who perform you pick?

It"s a challenging position to be in at challenge value, however not so tough when you take a closer look.

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While many of Cooper"s final stat-lines watch solid, he"s to be a notoriously inconsistent player mainly in, main out. Case and point: his 2017 season. The third-year wideout recorded almost 30 percent the his full production in one game last season.

Amari Cooper is the many inconsistent fantasy broad receiver of this generation adjust my mind pic.twitter.com/8OMmZZyh1m

— Ryan Disdier (
ryandisdier) august 25, 2018

That performance most likely pushed most his owners to victory in one video game last season, but he barely came close come repeating even half of that manufacturing in various other weeks.

Landry, top top the other hand, has actually been much more consistent than Cooper despite the "possession receiver" brand he has. The LSU productis a high-volume receiver and he"s absolutely in because that a large year. In hismost current preseasongame, Landry attracted the lion"s re-superstructure of targets and it"s for sure to say that he"s developed himself together the height receiving choice in the Browns" offense, despite​Josh Gordon"s presence.

Last game versus the Eagles I believe Jarvis Landry accounted for 36% the the target share because that the Browns. Together my WR3/Flex option I feel confident he will be heavily associated as normal !

— Tim White (
Tightydub) respectable 25, 2018

At the end of the day, win on any kind of given Sunday comes under to consistency. It"s up to you to decision if you want big-play potential or a male who has been steady throughout his career.

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