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The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson feeling maternal in the direction of Season 15 champ Chevel Shepherd, 16. In fact, the singer’s teammates described her together “momager.”

“I constantly texted , like, ‘Make sure you have fun!’” Clarkson, 36, called Us Weekly and also other reporters after ~ the live finale because that the NBC singing competition in Los Angeles on Tuesday, December 18. The three-time Grammy winner said she also would repeat Shepherd that “some job you’re walking to be awesome, part days you’re going come suck,” yet no issue what, “you try your best.”

Though Clarkson is happy to food advice to Shepherd and also other brand-new talents, the Texas native wishes her daughter River, 4, and also son Remington, 2, steer clean of the entertain industry. Clarkson described it has actually a tiny bit to carry out with exactly how her mother, Jeanne Taylor, behaved when she was beforehand in she career. 

“I seriously hope they are tone deaf,” Clarkson quipped about her kids. If the American Idol season 1 winner attributed Taylor through instilling in she a solid work ethic, it was a complex dynamic. “I love my mommy for it, but I think I would be like her. I’d it is in like, ‘I’ve heard better, but it to be solid.’ and also don’t want to carry out that,” Clarkson mused. “I expect they’re prefer teachers or physicians or something. The a hard industry.”

After Brynn Cartelli, 15, winner season 14, the multi-platinum artist had a heart-to-heart v her parents. And also she did the very same thing v Shepherd’s mom and dad. “I’m like, ‘Hold onto them! Hug them, tell them really nice things,’” Clarkson stated on Tuesday. “Because people are mean. It is horrible, but that’s the reality.”

Clarkson share her youngsters with her husband of five years, Brandon Blackstock

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