Profession: Miscellaneous
Date the birth: Mar 26, 1977
Age: 44
Net worth: 5 Million
Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA
height (m): 1.77
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Unmarried

Jeff Magid is one American musician and also music producer. He additional owns the music production agency called RBI Productions that has credited for creating many songs and also artists. The has worked with several top artists consisting of Chicago and also Gregg Allman.

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Also, he has released his very own songs prefer Make It, The Ritual, and also Birth control. Moreover, the popular gained notification for being in a connection with model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. However, the pair stayed with each other for three years and later Emily married secretly her friend Sebastian Bear-McClard. Let united state scroll end to know much more information top top him.

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Jeff Magid: Bio, Family, Career

The musician was born ~ above 26 march 1977 in Los Angeles, California, the United claims of America. He has not listed information ~ above his parents or siblings. He has a nationality that American and belongs come Caucasian ethnicity. Regarding his education, he has completed his schooling at Luella High School. ~ that, he joined Brown college in Rhode Island and graduated with BA.

It is unclear as soon as did he start his career or from where. However, he has gained notification as gift a music producer and also musician. He also owns a music production agency called RBI production. In addition, that has operated with several renowned singers including Gregg Allman, Chicago, and also Quiet Riot.

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Jeff Magid: personal Life & Wife

Coming over to his an individual life, he is no married and also possibly is solitary at the moment. Due to the fact that his separation native the American model and actress, he has actually been keeping his private affairs native the media. He and also Emily started dating in December 2014 just after the iCloud scandal. It has the explode of nude photos of female celebrities in which Emily likewise became the victim.

However, the pair dated for three years and also separated at the end of 2017. After the break-up, Emily relocated on and also secretly married actor and producer, Sebastian Bear-McClard. Top top the various other hand, he has not detailed information around his romantic relationship since his split.


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Jeff Magid: network Worth & social Media Profiles

He provides a an excellent amount that fortune indigenous his career in the entertain industry. Further, he has a network worth approximated at roughly $5 million native his very own music manufacturing house. According to, the typical salary that music producers credits virtually $50,000 in average. Also, the perform of producers arrays from the low-end of $29,000 come the luxury of $99,000.

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He has an unverified Instagram account
magidnation through 11.3k followers. It seems that he does no possess any kind of accounts on society media platforms favor Twitter and Facebook.