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"What do You Want" is a track co-written and recorded by American nation music artist Jerrod Niemann. It to be released in October 2010 together the 2nd single from his album judge Jerrod & the Hung Jury. The track is his second top 40 hit on the Hot country Songs charts, adhering to his number-one solitary "Lover, Lover".

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Why"d you contact me today with nothing new to say?You pretend it"s just hello,But you know what the does come meTo view your number on the phone.Now call me, what perform you want?What execute you want? What execute you want from me?Are friend tryin" to bring earlier the tears or simply the memories?You save takin" me back, takin" me back, wherein I"ve already been.When we hang increase it"s virtually like I"m shedding you again.Can"t girlfriend see?So what carry out you want, what perform you desire from me?I gain so tired, the living choose this.I don"t have actually the time, neither carry out my friends,To stay up in ~ night, to traction me through,And to find the things to keep my mind turn off of you.So, now tell me, what carry out you want?What perform you want? What carry out you want from me?Did you contact to to speak you"ve discover someone and also I"m a used-to-be.You store takin" me back, takin" me back, wherein I"ve already been.If you"ve relocated on, why does it feel choose I"m losing you again?Can"t girlfriend see?So what carry out you want, what carry out you desire from me?What do you desire me to say?That I"m content?That I"m top top the fence?That i wish you would"ve stayed?Oh infant what perform you want,What execute you want, what do you desire from me?To come here and make love tonight, "cause you"re feelin" lonely.You keep takin" me back, takin" me back, whereby I"ve already been.When us wake up and say goodbye, it"s favor I"m shedding you again.Can"t friend see?So what execute you want, what execute you desire from me?What carry out you want, what execute you desire from me?

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Jerrod Niemann Jerrod Lee Niemann (born July 24, 1979) is one American country music artist. Energetic since 2001, he has recorded two independent albums. In 2006, that signed to category 5 Records and also charted v the single "I Love women (My Momma Can"t Stand)". That has also co-written three singles for Garth Brooks: the kris LeDoux tribute "Good journey Cowboy", and "That Girl Is a Cowboy" and also "Midnight Sun".

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Jamey Johnson, Neal McCoy, Julie Roberts, Flynnville Train and also Zona Jones have additionally recorded Niemann"s songs. More »