President Donald J. Trump has actually officially comment to the vicious strikes leveled against his son during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

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Hey, psychic when people used to obtain fired over taking the Obama girl to job on their mindsets during a White house event? currently that chairman Trump is in the White House, going after ~ the an initial kids is completely OK again!

During the inauguration, bitter liberals busied themselves with making terrible comments around Donald and Melania Trump’s 10-year-old son, Barron. Barron has been assaulted previously through Rosie O’Donnell who declared he could have autism.

Here are 5 truly destructive tweets aimed at the young on Inauguration Day. There to be worse, however to weed the end bots and trolls I limited myself to only human being who have the blue “Twitter verified” inspect mark.

Katie Rich, a writer for Saturday Night Live, has actually been gaining the many attention for tweeting the Barron will certainly turn into a school shooter.


Jesse Cox, a YouTube “celebrity,” ranted about how lot he hates the 10-year-old boy and also insults his parents.


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Joe Mande indicates Barron will begin exhibiting the characteristics of a psycho killer.


Matt Oswalt thinks Barron is an upset arsonist.


Caitlin Moran compare Barron to the sick, sadistic child-king in Game the Thrones.


Those space some quite sick people for going after ~ a 10-year-old.

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Meanwhile, here’s a video clip of Barron sweetly playing through his baby nephew come cleanse your mind of all the filth from the internet.

Barron trumped wins Inauguration work by playing peekaboo with his nephew when his father indicators his first Executive Orders. #Inauguration

— Scot Turner (
Scot23) January 20, 2017

Ah, much better!

What carry out you think – did this Tweets around Barron trump go too far? Tell united state in the comments below!