On “John Cougar, john Deere, man 3:16” Keith urban returns to an ext traditional country themes while proceeding to press his sound in new directions. Lyrically, the funky new window come his following studio album is automatically relatable. It won’t require the time songs like “Cop Car” and also “Raise ‘Em Up” essential to cook.

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Sonically, city bends in a new direction — something Fuse did liberally. The manufacturing is easier and much more organic, with a light snare and also deep base cradling the star as he starts the first verse. The singer adds the rhythm:

"I’m a 45 spinnin’ on one old Victrola / I’m a two strike swinger, I’m a Pepsi Cola / I’m a blue jean quarterback saying ns love you to the prom queen in a Chevy,” metropolitan — a Taste of country Music Festival headliner — sings to begin “John Cougar, man Deere, man 3:16.”

“I’m john Wayne, Superman, California / I’m a Kris Kristofferson Sunday morning / I’m a mom and a dad singing follow me to Don McLean at the levee.”

The chorus and also bridge touch on the john 3:16 references. Because that those who’ve not picked up a scriptures recently, this is the verse that states if one trust in God and Jesus Christ, the or she will live eternally.

Well, i’m a kid of a backseat freedom, baptized by absent "n" roll / Marilyn Monroe and also the Garden of Eden, never grow up, never grow old / Just an additional rebel in the great wide open / ~ above the boulevard of damaged dreams / ns learned whatever I ever needed to understand from john Cougar, man Deere and also John 3:16.

Shane McAnally, Ross Copperman and Josh Osborne bring their best to this song. The second verse is an especially effective. City firmly grips the trio’s nostalgic images and also delivers each with sincerity you’d expect from a self-written song:

“I’m note Twain top top the Mississippi / I’m Hemingway with a shoot of whiskey / I’m a TV dinner top top the tray make the efforts to figure out the Wheel of happiness / I’m a Texaco star, I’m a Gibson guitar / I’m tho a teenage kid trying to go too much / I’m a jukebox waiting in a neon bar because that a quarter.”

The phrase “something for everyone” is overused and also typically indicative the a bland meal, however “John Cougar, john Deere, john 3:16” has an everyman quality to it that heightens the song’s sharpness. It’s a good, mellow groove the won’t soon get old.

Why Fans will certainly Love It: Urban's funky brand-new song build a bridge to just around every nation fan's childhood.

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Key Lyrics: “I invested a most years runnin’ from believing / looking for other methods to shot to conserve my soul / The much longer I live the more I see it / There’s just one means home.” 

Did girlfriend Know?: wonder what Keith urban learned from man Deere? growing up in Australia, city milked cows and collected eggs ~ above his household farm.