Priyanka Chopra Jonas is raving about husband Nick Jonas' successful tour through the Jonas Brothers.

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On Wednesday, the 39-year-old actress cheered top top Nick for the last leg of the Jonas Brothers' mental This tourism at the Hollywood key in Los Angeles. She shared a sweet photograph cuddled as much as her husband and another snap of Nick, 29, and also his brothers, Joe Jonas and also Kevin Jonas.

nickjonas ❤️❤️ The score is the Bowl! and you did it. Congratulations ~ above the pave of the psychic this tour!" she captioned the Instagram post.

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Priyanka additionally shared clips native the concert, consisting of a few moments of Nick singing and playing the drums.

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In August, Nick kicked off his Remember This tour through his brothers and also bandmates in ras Vegas. At the time, the musician posted a picture of a cake Priyanka had actually decorated with the word "congrats" and a photograph of Nick, Joe, and also Kevin. "Thanks

"I love friend baby," the We have the right to Be Heroes actress then wrote on her own Instagram Story, reposting the photo of the cake. "This tour will be one come remember!"

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Earlier this month, Priyanka said throughout the inaugural episode of the new Victoria's secret podcast, VS Voices Podcast, the she loves touring and life on the roadway with she husband.

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"I'm used to being in trailers the don't move, right? together an actor ... You're not claimed to sleep in a trailer, eat in a trailer. Like, ns only understand that you perform that ~ above a roadway trip, not as soon as you're working and also have to wake up and do her job," she said. "But my husband was convincing and we did the in Europe and I to be like, 'This ... Is therefore amazing.' "

"... It's prefer a residence on wheels and also I actually slept favor a baby," Priyanka added. "I felt like I rocked come sleep."


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Despite love the possibility to assistance Nick ~ above the road, the actress has been busy through her new show Citadel. She previously opened up come around how she and also her husband — who tied the knot in Jodhpur, India ago in July 2018 — stay linked while they're personal often due to their corresponding careers. 

"Nick constantly says this to me: 'I'll constantly be in your corner.' He said that come me an extremely early," she stated in January.

"It was prior to we acquired married. Ns think at some allude we to be disagreeing about something, and he to be like, 'I'm always in her corner. We're no on various sides that the room.' and it just adjusted the way I was talk to him," Priyanka added. "It became the biggest thing i feel about this partnership, and what provides me feeling so confident in being able to carry out all the points I want to do."

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