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Joshua Collins, 13, is missing. He was last viewed leaving his house in Levittown top top Jan. 8. (Photo courtesy of Marilyn Doughty)

Nassau ar Police are right now searching for Joshua Collins, the 13-year-old nephew of Williston Park service owners that was last watched leaving his Levittown house on Jan. 8.

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Collins is 5 feet 3 inches and also 115 pounds v sandy blond hair and blue eyes.

He to be last seen wearing a black color jacket, dark Timberland boots and also carrying a backpack.

Collins may be in the local area or traveling to Walden, brand-new York, according to his family

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Collins may also attempt to take trip to Quincy, Massachusetts or Naples, Fla., his household said.

Collins has actually never gone missing before, follow to his grandmother, Marilyn Doughty, a co-owner the Williston Plumbing and Heating.

Doughty claimed Collins is a an excellent kid, who is an energetic participant in sports, including playing on the Williston Park little League.

Anyone with details can speak to the Nassau county Police room hotline at (516) 583-7347.

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